Windows 8.1 Preview Update: A success or a failure?

One year after the Windows 8 was released; the extremely awaited update from Microsoft is now available for download. The Windows 8.1 Preview update is now ready for download from the Microsoft Store. For some, it is worth the update. However, for many users the drawback on downloading the update becomes a total disappointment. It has been a tremendous distress for everyone who continuously receiving series of different errors, blue screen and hardship on downloading the said update. A potential fix may...

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Top Five 3D Video Players 2013

Technology has led to define our generation. It is quite easy to identify this era as the era of technology. Whether it is high-tech gadgets, easy to use and handy apps, smart phones, smart TV, tablets and other similar paraphernalia, we cannot imagine our lives without these things. Even in the case of cinema, we have leaps and bounds of improvement. From black and white to colour and now we have 3D. 3D technology is not only restricted to cinema halls, it has reached our homes with television sets supporting 3D entertainment and our...

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Top 13 New Features of Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle

The Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle is a fitness device that comes with the following new features: 1. Wii controllers- playing together are all what Wii entails. The bundle contains 2 Wii remote plus which has the latest motion. A single controller set allows only one person to play the game at a time, but two sets will allow several members of your family to play together.

2. Silicon protection cover for fit board- Wii fit sleeve is responsible for protecting your balance board and cushioning your...

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Top 12 Ways of Enhancing Wireless Network Security

Many people always rush to set up wireless home networks with the aim of getting internet connectivity working as soon as possible.  This is even without considering security for their wireless network. This is risky, since numerous security issues may result. Below are some of the ways of enhancing wireless network security:


1. Changing default administrator username and password- every WiFi home network has a router or an access point at its center. To set up this equipment, developers give web pages that enable owners to enter...

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Top 10 new apps 2013 for your iPhone

Nowadays there are hundreds of new free apps for iPhone 5. The following are the top new apps 2013 for your iPhone:

1. Facebook - The most widely used social network in the world. iPhone 5 comes with this app to enable you to share and chat with friends. You can also search for new friends through it.

2. RunKeeper - Prospects Nike+ although it is better. The new RunKeeper has integrated all the features in one free app. This means that you...

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Top 13 Errors with Firefox and Ways of Fixing Them

Do you regularly use Firefox browser? Mozilla Firefox is one of the popularly used internet browsers in the world today. It is known for its speed in browsing and customization options. While many users enjoy the benefits of Firefox, some users have experienced some errors with it. Below are some of the errors experienced with Firefox and ways of fixing them:

1. Registry errors - the most commonly experienced errors by Firefox users. When you encounter registry errors you should scan your PC with a PC cleaner, which fixes these problematic...

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Top 13 Benefits and Reasons for Using VLC Media Player

Many people do not trust software that comes and are downloaded free from internet. There are good reasons for being mistrustful and the same applies to media players. VLC is a media player that is freely downloaded over the internet.Here are the topmost 13 benefits and reasons why you should use VLC as your Media Player of choice:

1. VLC media player has the capability to play almost all types of files that you have. It is thus a universal media player which plays both audio and video file types. ...

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The Best 13 Content Management Systems of the Year

There are hundreds of options to pick from when it comes to a content management system in project development. It can be hard to get a perfect CMS for your project depending on what language to use, how advanced you want the content management system to be and who will be using it. However, some content management systems are better because of the software usability. Some are easy in installing, using and extending. Here the best 13 CMSs to use for your next project:

1. WordPress - The most popular PHP blogging...

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The 13 Top Most Alternative Phones to iPhone

Are you looking for a powerful Smartphone that is not the iPhone 4S? Below are 13 topmost alternatives to it:

1. Samsung Galaxy S2- a Smartphone that features a super fast processor of the dual core type, excellent screen quality, 8 PM camera that has full HD recording for booting and a thick chassis. Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best Smartphones in the world.

2. Motorola Razr- it runs a customized Android 2.3 version and has 8 MP camera, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, a RAM...

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What to expect from Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung is just about to release an 8 inch version of a note tablet. The launching of this powerful device is expected to be next month. The whole world is anxiously waiting for this device because everyone loves Samsung Galaxy smart devices. Many keep searching daily over the internet expecting to find the release date.Below are 13 things expected from Galaxy Note 8.0.

1. Galaxy Note 8.0 is expected to be in two versions; Samsung Galaxy GT-N5100 and GT-N5101. The GT-N5100 is a 3G...

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