Windows 8.1 Preview Update: A success or a failure?

Windows 8.1 Preview Update: A success or a failure?

One year after the Windows 8 was released; the extremely awaited update from Microsoft is now available for download. The Windows 8.1 Preview update is now ready for download from the Microsoft Store. For some, it is worth the update. However, for many users the drawback on downloading the update becomes a total disappointment. It has been a tremendous distress for everyone who continuously receiving series of different errors, blue screen and hardship on downloading the said update. A potential fix may not be available for the entire issues.

While many users are excited on trying the newest features that are sorely missing from the Windows 8 released, Microsoft removed the Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows RT 8.1 Update from the Windows Store. They said that they are working to fix the situation as fast as they can and they apologize for all the inconvenience. To continue with the 8.1 update, you need to install the Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 final version before January 2014. So users should update to the final edition to get rid any disruption in using your computer. The removal of the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store is just temporary. Just to deal with the situation that affects the limited volume of users who’s currently updating their system from Windows RT to RT 8.1.

Do Microsoft really made a success on the Windows 8.1 Update?

In the first place, why made things hard for the users? Why can’t they install the update using the Windows product key that they purchased from the retail store? And why can’t a user with more than one computer needs to re-download the whole update process over and over again to install it on different machines that will take longer depending on the connection speed? Same thing with the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant that allows the user to create a DVD or USB install media where users need to enter a valid Windows 8.1 product key. Remember, Windows 8.1 product key and not Windows 8.

Some users asked if Microsoft has a plan to make the Windows 8.1 ISO update available to the public; they answer it as no. The only way to update the activated retail version of Windows 8 is through the Windows Store. But ISO-based updates will be available in TechNet, MSDN and DreamSpark subscribers.

Truly, the Windows 8.1 Update is a catastrophe; considering the expanding numbers of users who have encountered numerous errors and issues. The Windows 8.1 Update should be an improvement from the previous Windows 8 version. For whatever is lacking and missing from the recent release, the 8.1 update should be a powerful innovation to replace them.

However, let’s not judge Microsoft for this predicament. Being the top OS provider, they will definitely have an answer to all these queries and issues. As Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft said, “We listened to your feedback and are delivering many of the improvements you asked for.”, Microsoft will surely make a richer customer experience anytime soon.


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