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  • If you think that Xiaomi makes only smartphones, then you are wrong. We know about Xiomis’ other products like earphones, air purifiers, fit-bits, etc. But, there are some unique products you don’t know about the […]

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  • There are lots of smart speakers present the market. But to choose from them is always a difficult task. We have to look through many features like sound quality, speakers, voice control, etc. so, here we present […]

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  • Joseph Weizenbaum, a big name in the field of Artificial Intelligence earlier in those days and now as well. A day in his life in 1966 lets us know that he was relaxing in his lab in the well-known MIT […]

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  • Snowbird located in Utah in the USA is not likely to be considered the place where a software revolution would occur. Neither Snowbird is known for sunny and temperate climates nor for all time eager […]

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  • This is an era of AR or Augmented Reality which means much more than just 3D. There is a large difference between the treasure of digital data we have or possess and how we apply that in our real-time or physical […]

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  • RAM is a random access memory for running computers programs. Your computer needs more RAM to quickly and quickly process and process programs. Thus, it is known that the RAM is larger, the faster the computer […]

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  • Electronic advances in electronics continue to turn communication and information access ever faster. Companies that design and produce people connected to people are the world’s most profitable and valuable. […]

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  • Semiconductors are at all places. While electronic devices are growing, companies that manufacture semiconductors continue to grow. These are invisible on your phones, and computer devices, many semiconductor […]

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  • Elon Musk had declared that “we are already a cyborg”. Everything around is digital and someway or other they are connected. For example, with one app we can join all our appliances. Technology is enhancing day […]

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  • Twenty-sixteen was the year when Google assistant came into existence. The moment it was launched it took our hearts. Since then Google is evolving. Here, we will see the top features of Google that are available […]

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  • Everything is becoming nowadays. The world is becoming digital. Why should television be behind? Our TV is also becoming smarter day by day.

    The list of top 10 smart TV in India is below-

    1. SONY FULL HD […]

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  • Everything is becoming digital, from shopping to banking. Now, we can carry our bank on our phone. We don’t have to go to the bank for some payment or transactions. We can do that while sitting at home watching T […]

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  • Most employers are controlled by employees.  Almost everything can be controlled to the office computer. This supervision is almost regular. For this reason, the company’s policy says the opposite (and this is […]

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  • Meaning: It means drawing your computer on the computer screen. Depending on the materials used, changing patterns can be easy or difficult: you can easily remove the lead or the carbon market and use oil […]

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  • ERP: Enterprise resource planning is an administrative instrument that integrates and operates all departments in computer systems in computer systems that meet business needs. Corporate resource planning is a […]

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  • Both Giants do not require me to introduce them in their respective fields which are in this case the same that is E-Commerce. Who does not know about them, well there could be people who are not aware of Walmart […]

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  • Thomas Reardon a professional level techy expert in automation equips himself with a stretch band that was made of terrycloth with microchips and electrodes woven into a fabric on his limbs, sits on his chair […]

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  • This topic is really informative to talk about, Robots primarily are machines which are manufactured or were invented to make the human life real simple. As we are advancing to the next generation’s robotics is g […]

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  • Virtual Private Networks became a modern-day requirement for secure and unrestricted access to the online world. Small businesses and individuals across the world understand the importance of VPNs in the recent […]

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  • Technology runs our lives these days. We cannot function without technology in our day to day life. Be it smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. all these have become an essential part of our […]

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