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  • I tried playing Fallout 76 after downloading and installing it several days ago but after the game launches, several minutes later the game froze and crashed then displayed the message “Fallout 76 has stopped w […]

    Leslie Mark asked a new Question 12 hours ago on

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  • I am playing Cabal Online and the game uses GameGuard as game protection. I have GameBooster 3.5 beta and whenever I turn on or activate FPS, a window will popup saying game hacking tool is detected. I can’t use v […]

    Geace Jovo asked a new Question 13 hours ago on

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  • My friend from overseas is having a little problem with the game he is playing. His game is different from mine but both our games use GameGuard. Luckily I don’t see that error on my game. Whenever he plays his g […]

    Chester D Moss asked a new Question 14 hours ago on

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  • Times have changed really fast in the last decade. It was once a privilege to use computers in schools and as a study tool in classrooms. But today, tech-savvy students are more familiar with technology and smart […]

    Howes Serrano posted an Article 4 days ago on

  • My friend at school is playing Lineage II and I also saw him once while playing the game on a computer shop. I have a computer at home and I’m thinking of playing it as well. I asked him if it’ll run on my com […]

    Christina J Smith asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • Whenever I play my favorite game, I always experience lagging with my connection. In-game items sometimes load very slowly and it affects the game’s performance. The ping stat or icon on the bottom right corner o […]

    Berta R Cahill asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • I play Cabal Online and some other online games and I frequently see this “XIGNCODE3” appear on the bottom right corner of my screen when the game is starting up. I know it is not part of the actual game but wha […]

    jimy josef asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • Just downloaded the game Lineage II and wanted to play it. When installing the game, the installation displayed GameGuard error code “610”. The error appeared in the User Agreement section of the setup. The pro […]

    Naomi S Williams asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • While surfing the internet for new games, I saw Elsword. I checked the system requirements and it seems pretty much compatible with my computer so I signed up and downloaded the game. Everything was fine with the […]

    Abacahin San asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • Electronic Medical Record is the abbreviation of EMR. There is much new digital clinic software that can help the doctors and other medical specialists to handle their patients, appointments, and even treatment […]

    Michelle D Storms posted an Blog 1 week ago on

  • There are so many ways of getting into the technological area and one among them is the option of outsourcing your products. Usually, the non-technical side of people chooses the scope of outsourcing product […]

    Casas Mingoes posted an Article 1 week ago on

  • My friends and I were talking about B1F of the Tower of the Dead, the dungeon we entered last night in Cabal Online limited for two hours only which we managed to complete in just a few minutes. Right after I […]

    thomas anderson asked a new Question 1 week ago on

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  • As a CTO or the chairperson for a new start-up, it is the sole responsibility of you to hire employees working under you who are skillful as well as good mangers for their jobs. The 10 points you are about to read […]

    Gardner Dunkley posted a Tips 1 week ago on

  • One of the most remarkable technologies in the medical field is that of telemedicine. The use of telemedicine is advantageous both for the physician and the patient. Hence, let us look at the top 10 significant […]

    James C Majewski posted an Blog 1 week ago on

  • Prototyping tools have the capacity to help the users to quickly launch their values and ideas and also to share the plan for getting feedbacks, reliability, validations and test-using cases. But, the time you […]

    John D Armstrong posted an Article 1 week ago on

  • Getting into a profession is a very crucial task, and specifically, it is hard for becoming an entrepreneur. A formal professional has to maintain his or reputation through certain forces and skills. The following […]

    Blando Baly posted an Article 2 weeks ago on

  • App Institute is an online application building or maker that can help the small scale business owners reap benefits from making a new app for themselves. Without even writing any lines of code, your app will be […]

    Jean G Forbes posted an Blog 2 weeks ago on

  • An individual or a company, whatever it may be, a professional has to keep themselves present in the long run. A website is one essential tool for your business needs. Nowadays, new applications and software are […]

    ChesterBSeverance posted an Article 2 weeks ago on

  • Like what I usually do during free time, I play online games and I have several games on my computer. Few hours back I tried to play one game. The game launcher started pretty good as usual and I was able to log […]

    Davis Karrie asked a new Question 2 weeks ago on

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  • I have Unchartered Waters Online on my computer and the game was fine. Just last night I was still able to play it for a couple of hours. When I got home today from school, I wanted to play before I do my homework […]

    William M Urbanek asked a new Question 2 weeks ago on

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