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Techyv – Terms & Conditions


i. The words ‘us,’ ‘our,’ or ‘we’ in these Terms & Conditions refer to (“-Techyv-”), a company organized and existing under the laws of [-India-], doing business under the name Techyv© (-Techyv-). Any reference to Techyv includes, to the extent applicable, Techyv’s subsidiaries, associated companies, affiliates, successors-in-interest and related parties.

ii. ‘Site’ refers to the website www.techyv.com, and any of its data, content, or web pages.

iii. ‘You’ refers to the users of the Site.


Please review these Terms & Conditions carefully. If you do not agree with any clause, you may not use this Site. By using this Site, you affirm that you fully understand and agree with these Terms & Conditions.

Administration of this Site

Techyv is the sole operator and administrator of the Site, which offers exclusive services and provides help on technical issues, computer-related problems, software, hardware and any related matters.

Our responsibility is to update content, facilitate your use of this Site, and monitor all accounts created on the Site. We undertake best efforts to eliminate spam and irrelevant data, so that you can have specific technical information on any relevant topic with 24/7 live support from experts.

Intellectual Property

We hold all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to any patents, trademarks or copyrights, over the Site and any of its contents, unless the content is expressly identified as being the property of another party. If you wish to use any third party content, it is your responsibility to obtain the prior consent of the owner.

Unless otherwise instructed, you may reproduce any content on the Site, in electronic or hard copy form, for your personal, non-commercial and non-income-generating purposes, provided that any reproduction of the Site, in whole or in part, must clearly attribute Techyv© as the source.

In any reproduction of any part of the Site, you may not alter or change the relevant contents. In no case shall you use, circulate or reproduce any part of the Site for commercial or income-generating purposes.

The Site and all of its content shall be deemed a ‘database’ within the coverage of the United Kingdom’s Copyright and Rights in Databases Regulations 1997, to the maximum extent allowed.


We shall not be liable for any injury or damage you may suffer, directly or indirectly, from the use of this Site, including consequential damages and lost earnings or profits, howsoever originating, whether from the agreement, tort or any theory of law (“Damages”), provided that we remain responsible for death or injury to individuals caused by our fault or gross negligence.

You shall indemnify and hold us free and harmless from any Damages to third persons resulting from or connected to: (i) your use of the Site; or (ii) your publication of any of the Site’s contents, including your own content, in other websites or media. We disclaim any warranty or guarantee that could be implied in the use of the Site, including any warranties of fitness or merchantability, to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Conditions of Use

You shall strictly comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. This Site contains data provided in good faith by Techyv, or third party contributors, for general information purposes. You are advised not to rely on any content for a specific purpose. Techyv provides no assurance, warranty or guarantee with respect to the correctness or accuracy of any part of the Site.

2. You affirm that any files that you upload may be utilized publicly, and you warrant that such files contain no personal or corporate data that may infringe upon any intellectual property rights or invade the privacy of any person. You affirm that if any such infringement or invasion of privacy is brought to your attention, you will remove such files immediately upon notice. You acknowledge that all uploaded files and any part of the Site may be made locatable by public search engines.

3. With respect to any of your uploaded content, you shall continue to hold any intellectual property rights that you may have held over the same, provided that you grant Techyv an unlimited, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive and worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, transmit and display the same for any lawful purpose. You may publish any of your uploaded content on other websites or media to the extent that you have the right to do so, provided that you shall indemnify us against any damage to third persons as provided under the section on ‘Liability’ above.

4. Any opinions expressed or implied on this Site belong solely to the individual authors of such opinions, not Techyv.

5. You may not publicize or promote any company or any apps via this Site.

6. You may not sell or transfer your account to any person or otherwise derive commercial benefit from any data that you may obtain through the use of your account.

7. From time to time, we may provide links to various other websites. Such links are meant for your convenience only and we disclaim any responsibility relating to the use, access or content of these websites.

8. If in any case, if you access or use such linked websites, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. If you purchase any service or items through or from such linked websites, the transaction shall be deemed to be solely with that website and not with us.

9. With our prior written consent, you may create a link to the Site from your own website. However, this link must not be presented on your website in any way that implies any relationship with, or endorsement by, our Site.

10. The description of any service or merchandise on this Site does not: (i) constitute an offer to provide that service or merchandise; (ii) signify that the service or merchandise is available in any particular country; (iii) signify that the version of the service or merchandise provided in your country is identical to that described on the Site. At any time and without prior notice, we may change, suspend or remove any data relating to any services or merchandise or any part of the same, including any data that we may have communicated to you.

11. You affirm the truth and accuracy of any data that you supply to us and take responsibility to maintain the truth and accuracy of the same.

12. As an account holder, you must take all reasonable measures to maintain the integrity of your account, including password safety, data confidentiality, and protection of your own device from viruses and corruption. We may attribute to you and hold you accountable for any illegal use or abuse of your account, regardless of whether you were the person actually operating the account at the time of the relevant activity.

13. We do not warrant or guarantee error-free or continuous access to the Site.

14. We shall not be held responsible for any viral contamination of the Site. You acknowledge the risk of such contamination, considering the public nature of the Site, and assume the risk of any loss or damage resulting from the same.

15. With respect to any data that you upload, we may add links to the Site’s administrator or other relevant contacts for the purpose of preventing abuse of your or other’s accounts.

16. To use the Site, you must be at least 13 years of age.

17. You may not provide any links to apps, software or cracks through this Site.

18. Once you have created your account, you may not delete or rename it.

19. We will supply reasonable technical support with respect to our services. Unless otherwise agreed, such support shall be without any charge.

20. You affirm that any services that we provide to you shall be used solely by you, for your own benefit only.

21. When dealing with third parties in relation to our services, you must clearly acknowledge that the services are the property of Techyv.

22. You will strictly comply with any rules or regulations on this Site relating to the use of any specific service or product, including SaaS, cloud computing, or any other software or hardware.

Use of Services

You agree not to use any services supplied by this Site to:

a) Distribute any content that: (i) is illegal, defamatory or vexatious; (ii) invades the privacy of any person; (iii) constitutes hate speech, or is otherwise offensive on ethnic, cultural or religious grounds.

b) Pretend to be any individual or group, or else falsely claim or imply any connection to an individual or group.

c) Remove, alter, or cover up any watermarks, logo, insignia or other identification on any content, or otherwise fail to clearly acknowledge the source of any data obtained from this Site.

d) Distribute any content that you do not own, or that you have no right to transfer or dispose of, or otherwise convey data in any manner that breaches the rights of any person.

e) Distribute any unsolicited or illegal promotions, including but not limited to spam, junk email, pyramid schemes or chain letters.

f) Distribute any virus, applications or programs that impair or restrict the operations of any hardware, software or telecommunications equipment.

g) Interfere with any systems or servers relevant to the Site’s services, or violate any obligations, methods, principles or system guidelines relevant to the services.

You shall maintain in strict confidence any personal data that you may obtain regarding any operator, user or client of the Site.

Privacy Statement

We may collect personal data about you in connection with your use of the Site for any purpose allowed by law. We will take reasonable steps to secure any data you provide and will not disclose it except as required or permitted by law. You authorize disclosure of your personal data to third parties for legally authorized purposes. You acknowledge and agree that such purposes may include Site administration, review of Site traffic, upgrades, product development, identity verification, promotion and marketing.

We may use your personal data to tailor the Site to your implied preferences, or supply information about products or services that may be of interest to you. If you ask us not to provide you with this information, we will comply with your request. You acknowledge that this Site may install on your device ‘cookies’ or other tracking software for the purpose of optimising your use of this Site. If you do not wish to accept such software, you may change the setting on your web browser to disable and eliminate undesired cookies.


We may amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time without any prior notice. Any amendment shall take effect from the time that it is uploaded onto the Site. You are responsible for reviewing the Terms & Conditions from time to time so as to become aware of any amendment. If you continue to use the Site after any such amendment, you shall be deemed to have fully understood and agreed with the amendment.


In case of any remarks or inquiries concerning the website, please communicate with us at Techyv

These Terms & Conditions were last updated 10-05-2018.