What Is Open Source (OSS)?

Open-source software (OSS) is software with source code unlocked for the personnel to learn from and edit. The software is free with a license that allows consumers the right to influence how the program works and starts. It can also be voluntarily redistributed after being changed. Open-source is not diverse to other third-party SaaS or software buyers. Open-source lets you authority the velocity of your dev group brilliantly by letting them work on business contrast instead of projects outside your core method focus.

How Does It Work?

Open-source code is generally reserved in a public warehouse and shared...

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What Is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore Outsourcing is when management hires employees from a neighboring country to complete services. Some benefits of nearshore outsourcing include cost savings, cultural alignment, geographical proximity, and a familiar time zone. For example, sometimes costs become too inhibitory to keep operations in your country, but nearshore locations can offer perfect long-term outsourcing destinations. While there is sometimes the awareness that outsourcing nearshore doesn’t offer the same stage of user service or capability to scale as an onshore outsourced group, these worries can be removed with high-quality training and evaluated cx innovation.

What Is Nearshoring, And How Does It...

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In the contemporary era, technology is progressively merging with diverse sectors and fields to enhance service standards, and education is no exception. Situated at the junction of tradition and innovation, the educational sphere is undergoing a significant evolution fueled by technological progress.

Delving Into EduTech

Education software development refers to the process of crafting software applications, platforms, or digital tools that are meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs and demands of educational environments.

Available Solutions

While the education sector is super diverse, you can actually break down its software into a few main categories. Let's dive into those next.

Online Learning & Tutoring...

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A day before the Mobile World Congress 2024 began in Barcelona, Xiaomi 14 was officially launched on the global stage. The latest flagship phone from the Chinese brand is the only compact Android smartphone other than the Samsung Galaxy S24. It has better specifications than Samsung’s phone and is also priced higher. The design of Xiaomi 14 is similar to its predecessor, Xiaomi 13. Its bigger camera island has a triple Leica camera system with Summilux lens. The two have the same width and height, but the Xiaomi 14 is a bit thicker (8.2mm) and heavier (193 grams). There is...

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The much-awaited Mobile World Congress event will kick off on February 26 until February 29 in Barcelona, Spain. Many smartphone makers will showcase their latest innovations, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Many tech brands hold their media events on February 25 to launch their latest devices, which will be displayed starting tomorrow. Aside from showcasing smartphones, a host of AI solutions, AR/VR devices, and more is expected at the MWC 2024. Below is the list of the things that we should expect at the Mobile World Congress 2024: MediaTek’s T300 5G RedCap Platform MediaTek announced a new chip called the T300...

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Adobe Illustrator is considered a popular vector graphics tool by HP and used by designers to create illustrations. Almost 180 million designs are created monthly using the tool. Designers rely on the tool to save their time in designing illustrations. Both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are closely related software applications. Photoshop primarily focuses on photo editing and realistic computer illustrations, while Illustrator helps in creating graphics for logos and typographies. It offers text-to-vector AI integration, enabling the editing of text elements in a static image. The software...

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Blockchains are vital in maintaining a decentralized transaction record. The blockchain technology is gaining considerable attention in the gaming market. Blockchain-based games are driving a significant shift in the gaming industry. If you are interested about crypto and want unique gaming experience, blockchain games are the best choice. It’s a revolutionary concept marking a shift from traditional gaming patterns to introducing games with innovative features of blockchain technology. Due to rising demand for blockchain games, gaming companies are constantly seeking innovation and improve play-to-earn model. Blockchain games utilize robust blockchain technology for developing game elements such...

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Today, companies of all types and sizes understand that, to stay in business and grow, they must provide innovative digital experiences to their customers and employees. For many of these companies, this means building their software or application. And for those without a development team - outsourcing the project. But how to find a reliable product development agency? After all, a software development project takes several months and is quite expensive. How to find those who will cope with the task and complete everything within the agreed time frame? It's difficult to select the right software development team among thousands...

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What Is FPT Software?

FPT software is one of the central innovation and IT solutions put forward based in Vietnam. It is auxiliary to FPT operation, one of the more outstanding innovation and broadcasting businesses in Vietnam. FPT software forward an enormous variety of benefits, quality guarantees, and visual transferring solutions. The companies perform generally with branch and send centres in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia, executing customers around numerous production such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Why Is It Important?

Global Presence: FPT software has a necessary general attending with branches and sends central in numerous...

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What Is Comarch Software?

Comarch Field Service Management (FSM) is a broad WFM (Workforce Management) explanation for arranging, occupying, organizing, and assisting the employee in the field, which results in necessary maximized efficiency methods. Comarch is a bright international software house and network intermediary based in Krakow, Poland. Comarch permits services in areas such as Telecommunications, Finance and Banking, the benefits Sector and General Administration. It entails billing, enterprises resource Planning (ERP) systems, IT security, IT framework, management and expanding solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales cooperations, electronic conveying and business intelligence and cloud answers for numerous businesses.