I Receive “Fallout 76 Has Stopped Working” After The Game Crashes

I tried playing Fallout 76 after downloading and installing it several days ago but after the game launches, several minutes later the game froze and crashed then displayed the message “Fallout 76 h

GameBooster Detected As Hacking Tool

I am playing Cabal Online and the game uses GameGuard as game protection. I have GameBooster 3.5 beta and whenever I turn on or activate FPS, a window will popup saying game hacking tool is detected.

Need Help With GameGuard Error Code 1015

My friend from overseas is having a little problem with the game he is playing. His game is different from mine but both our games use GameGuard. Luckily I don’t see that error on my game. Whenever

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My friend at school is playing Lineage II and I also saw him once while playing the game on a computer shop. I have a computer at home and I’m thinking of playing it as well. I asked him if it’ll

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Whenever I play my favorite game, I always experience lagging with my connection. In-game items sometimes load very slowly and it affects the game’s performance. The ping stat or icon on the bottom

What Is XIGNCODE3 In Online Games?

I play Cabal Online and some other online games and I frequently see this “XIGNCODE3” appear on the bottom right corner of my screen when the game is starting up. I know it is not part of the actu

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Just downloaded the game Lineage II and wanted to play it. When installing the game, the installation displayed GameGuard error code “610”. The error appeared in the User Agreement section of the

GameGuard Error Code 500 Please Help

While surfing the internet for new games, I saw Elsword. I checked the system requirements and it seems pretty much compatible with my computer so I signed up and downloaded the game. Everything was f

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