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Techyv will make every effort to safeguard your privacy. In the same vein, the Techyv Privacy Policy is intended to inform you on how we distribute, collect and use user information via this web platform of ours ( Herein stated is our privacy procedures and principles which only cover this web platform of ours (, while we seek to inform you that our privacy statement does not cater for information collected from other web platforms.

Techyv  (“Techyv”) having a principal place of business at (Coral Sudha, No 16, Eldams Road) collects personally identifiable information provided to Techyv through(i) the Website registration form and (ii) the form used for updating the information contained in the user’s profile.

Techyv Privacy Policy Analyses.

1. Affiliate Websites and services

2. Types of personal information and their uses

3. Website Registration

4. Security Measures

5. Announcement

6. Correcting/updating Personal Information

7. Data Retention

8. How personal identifiable information is shared among Third Parties and Partner

9. Our Privacy Statement Modification Process

10. Personal identifiable information Access and Accuracy

11. Children

12. Link To Third Party websites

13. Cookies Usage

14. Contact Information

Affiliate Website and Services

1. Some of the sites described here are affiliated with Techyv. Many of these have their own privacy statements that describe the specific data collection and use practices of the particular product and service that interest you.

Types of Personal Information and their Uses

2. We seek to use this privacy statement to inform you that your personal identification information may be collected, stored and processed by us. Information collected by us include but not limited to your address, name, phone number, business, occupation, career path, email address etc. While in acceptance to this privacy statement, you acknowledge the fact that you have willingly and knowingly provided us with these information’s.  Furthermore, your Internet domain and IP address would be collected automatically when you are using our website. If you proceed to use this website of ours, you unambiguously agree to any collection, transfer, processing, use and storage of any personal identifiable data of yours. IF you disagree and do not consent to the above listed legal actions, kindly discontinue the usage of this web platform of ours

Website Registration

3. In order to use some features of the Website, users must first complete a registration form. During registration, users must provide Techyv with their contact information (name and e-mail address).

Security Measures

4. We have implemented appropriate operational and technological security based processes that are basically intended to protect your personal identity as well as other personal identifiable information  from alteration, loss, unintentional destruction, and misuse. Techyv wishes to inform you herein that no security measures can so guarantee total security on this platform, we generally believe our security is reasonable and appropriate for sites such as this.

We use IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the Website, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use for reporting and sponsorship purposes. Techyv will not use IP addresses for identifying visitors.

We reserve the legal right to terminate any account we suspect involved in nefarious activities while Techyv will not be held responsible for any breach of personal privacy and cyber security that may arise as a result of individual interconnectivities/interaction among users on our web platform.

Techyv uses security measures to protect the data it obtains through the Website against loss, destruction, manipulation, unauthorized disclosure and access by unauthorized persons.


5. Techyv may send service announcements to the users of the Website. Users are at liberty to unsubscribe from service announcement while Techyv will not be held liable for users’ inability to unsubscribe from these service announcements or any further issue that may arise as a result of user action with regards to issues so stated herein. Furthermore, on request by our website end user to unsubscribe from our service announcement, their user account details will be deleted from our service announcement emailing list.

Correction/Updating Personal Information

6. Users may correct, update, or remove the personally identifiable information that was provided by them to Techyv. They can do so by logging into their accounts, clicking on the button “My account”, and choosing the option “Edit Profile”. They can also request a change, correction, or removal of their personally identifiable information by sending an email to our relevant email account so stated on our contact us page.

Data Retention

7. Techyv tends to use this privacy statement to inform that your personal identifiable information will not be stored, reserved or retained longer than deemed necessary other than the purpose wherein it was requested and collected, wherein a user cancel their registration, Techyv retains the legal right to handle all personal information of this said user to the best of confidentiality we deem necessary.

How Personal Identifiable Information is shared Among Third Parties and Partners

8. Techyv tends to acknowledge the fact that with our website users’ consent, we will not trade, disclose or sell our website users personal identification information/data to either our partners or third party service providing firms who seek to market their individual service and products to our website users.

On special occasions and case scenarios, Techyv would disclose information to our partners and third party service providers who are solely assisting in the fastening business transaction or who tend to provide unique services which is solely for the benefit of our website end users. Such Third party service providers include but not limited to Clearing Houses and firms, Credit card processing firms, Product packaging, courier servicing firms etc. Furthermore, with response to a subpoena, legal process or  search warrant  Techyv, is also at liberty to offer as well as disclose all forms of personal identifiable information we deem necessary. Your privacy could also be disclosed to relevant authorities if and only if you are involved with any form of unlawful activity that violate our rules, code of conduct, privacy policies among others. This singular act is intended to defend and protect our property and right as viewed necessary under the law.

Our Privacy Statement Modification Process

9. Techyv seeks to use this statement to inform our prestigious website users, partners and clients alike that we do reserve the right to modify, update or change any section, clause and aspect of this privacy policy statement of ours without any form of notification from our end. We will also endeavor to indicate the most recent date of the most current revised version of our privacy statement below all privacy policy statement page. This singular action is intended to keep you abreast with any such legal action to this regards herein stated.

Personal Identifiable Information Access and Accuracy

10. Techyv also seeks to inform our website users that we seek to collect accurate information about our  prestigious users of our web platform herein stated. Users also hold the privilege to request and receive a partial copy of the information so gathered about them by simply contacting us to this regards. Upon the acknowledgement of the receipt of such request, Techyv, will oblige you the opportunity to access a partial detailed information structure of  your personal identifiable data within our custody. If you find any form of inaccuracies, kindly draw our attention to it in order for us to make immediate correction.


11. Techyv seeks to inform our prestigious users that the privacy of children under the ages of 13 are indeed taken seriously and as such they are not to send their personal identifiable data/ information to our web platform without due parental mandate and legal consent from their guardians or parents. Parents are also encouraged to better teach and instruct their children in responsive ways through which their children could use their personal identifiable information on the internet. We acknowledge that, we will not knowingly use, disclose, store or collect children personal identifiable information for the sole purpose of disclosing this information to our partners and third parties. We also comply and are committed to all applicable laws and legal requirement governing children online privacy protections Acts. (COPPA).

Link To Third Party Websites

12. Techyv also seeks to inform our users that links to other third party website are being provided on this platform of ours and as such, all users are mandated to review the privacy policy statement of these individual websites in order to have a firm grasp of these website statement. We also seek to inform you that Techyv is not responsible for any form of your individual privacy compromise on these third party web platforms. Please be aware that Techyv does not claim any responsibility for the privacy practices of other websites.

Cookies Usage

13. Techyv seeks to inform our website users that “Cookies” is an active part of our website operational process. Cookies, on the other hand are small pieces of micro programs, small text files, identity tags and information so stored on your computer that is being powered by our website server. The major function of these cookies is to store information, retrieve and record all previous activity an individual was solely involved in when using our website. Cookies also enable US to regulate our website usage, such as purchase tracking, record keeping among others. It is also wise to note that our web server base cookies also enable us to easily implement pop up advertorial on a real time base. Techyv also acknowledges that users consent is also mandatory and in acceptance of this statement, users also acknowledge to the fact that cookies are used within the capacity it is intended for. Users also have the privilege of accepting our cookies which make our website function accurately and at its optimum capacity but in your ability to decline our cookies functionality, some part of our website might not function at its optimum capacity.

Contact Information

14. Please direct your comment or question to our email address so stated on our contact us page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated  07-02-2023.