Safari.exe System Error on page load

I Installed Apple Safari on my computer, when I try to open it to start web browsing an error occurred saying “The program can’t start because QTCF.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.

What kind of error is QTCF.dll?

And how do solve this issue?

How to configure user login in ASP.NET?

I am creating a Web-based file maintenance system that runs on a local computer. This will just save all personal the details of a person. I have created a log-in form, wherein if an encoder logs in, he/she will not be able to modify the system settings while the admin user can do anything.

What I want is to disable administrative privileges for ordinary users. How can I do this? I’m using VB. Please help me with this one thanks.

Copy the text in MS-DOS

I am studying DOS commands because I find it more useful and powerful.

I came across with this problem, how am I able to copy the text that is displayed in MS-DOS?

You can only paste text or commands but you cannot copy anything from it.

Kindly share some insights regarding this problem?

Auto update not successful due to some problem

I currently have a red X on Sophos Antivirus. A "mouse over" shows "sophos protection update has failed". Right clicking and selecting "Update Now" causes a window to show that states "Downloading Package 1 of 4...2 of 4...3 of 4...4 of 4" then it shows "Installing Package 1 of 1" then it just quits. A look at the log file shows:

Not able to secure an internet connection

Hi Experts,

I have installed Oanda MT4 for the first time into my two laptop having Vista OS and Windows 7 respectively but both of them cannot get a connection.

I disabled windows firewall and anti-virus to clear my doubt that it may be blocked but still no connection.

Can anybody help me with the problem?

I need help on how to resolve this issue in my two laptop.

Antivirus gets disabled automatically while playing game

Today I ran into the problem where running Blackshot game causes my Antivirus to crash, hence disabling it. I tried re-enabling the Antivirus, but it crashes again. This continued until I closed Blackshot. This incident has never happened before, and I was away from the game for only a week. I've tried adding both Garena and the entire Blackshot folder into my Exclusion list, but the problem still persists. Disabling the Antivirus allowed me back into Blackshot, but I feel that this is a security concern.

Microsoft exchange server 2008 (Error while executing powershell command)

Hello every one out there,

I am hoping I will get some feedback on some issues I have been facing. I have a constant problem with back up of Hyper-V virtual machines using DPM 2007 and just wonder if you could help me.

Configuration: Host – DELL PE 2950 with Windows Server 2008 SP2. Guests – 5 Virtual machines with Windows Server 2008 SP 2 sitting on local SAS drivers.

When I try running the exchange server, I get the following error message; 

Host an Exchange Storage Group Wizard

Failing Javasign.dll to record into the registry of the system

I was having trouble installing a program in my computer, the program i was to installing is the Visual Basic 6. While installing and the process was able to end an error occurred. The Javasign.dll won't able to read itself through the registry of the system. Can anyone help me with this?

Sending Internet E-mail via Microsoft Exchange Server

Hi all,

I am trying to migrate from Microsoft exchange server 5.5 to exchange server 2003. I have networked 10 PCs via a rooter. The external DNS are configured correctly on port 25 and using a smart host for outbound DNS. The question I want to ask is;

 Am i supposed to be able to telnet the telnet server on port 25? This is because if I do that I result to an error.  I have completed installation and setting up everything else, deployment tools and wizards without any problems.

But when it comes to setting up the internet email wizard I get an error; 

Getting an Error in SAS OLAP

Hello there,

I have a SAS 9.2 OLAP installed on my Windows XP computer. I have an OLAP cube containing sales data of all sales agents in our company including me. When I was trying to access my user id, I get stuck into this error message.

The application encountered an error verifying the following statement:



{[Dim SalesPerson].[All Sales People].[SUB::SAS.Userid]}