What is a client and server OS?

What is a client and server OS?

If you have two PC programs communicating with each other; one being responsible for making a request for a specific program while the other is granting the request of another, this is a relationship specific to a client and server OS. Server OS means "server for certain Operating Systems and the client being the one making a request for a command to be executed by another program."

System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM)

System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM)

Operations Manager is a division of the System Center collection. It is a server program that monitors different sources on that mainframe, counting the Windows task Log, on behalf of definite events or alerts created by the programs carry out on the supervised computer. The earlier one Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM) is restored by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. Both of them are managing tool for IT put up by Microsoft.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager was usually known as Systems Management Server (SMS) in the last decade. It is a systems management and control software product by Microsoft for managing large groups of Windows-based computer and mobile systems at the same time.

Configuration Manager has a diversified portfolio which provides remote control, software distribution, patch management, operating system deployment, network access protection, hardware innovations and software inventory. SCCM Expert provides an end-to-end visibility across the software purchase, deployment, modification, and usage and compliance cycle in an organization.

Mirror on the wall, which is the best OS of ‘em all!

Mirror on the wall, which is the best OS of them all!

Markets are flooded with all sorts of hand-held cell phones and gadgets which are really hard to spell, so I’ll try to skip them all together! If you are a mobile phone enthusiast, there must be a time when you’ve asked yourself, which one's the best? Better still, if you’re a geek, you must have asked which one is the best based on the Operating System it uses?

Windows Media Player error 8004022F ?

I have a problem with my Windows Media Player, whenever I try to play a video of . avi format or .mkv format then there come an error 8004022F"Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found.", I am fed up of this and want to get this rectified, my operating system is Microsoft Vista Ultimate Edition.

Which one is better Windows XP or Windows 7


I'm using Windows XP for three years now. I noticed that the features in Windows 7 are quite good as compared to XP but I also heard a lot of negative comments about Windows 7 like its not user friendly, spy ware is not good, etc. Can anyone give me a good comparison of the two OS? Thank you.

How to personalize Windows 7


I am a Windows newbie and I just wanted to ask, how to totally personalize my Windows 7 account, like screen savers, colors etc?

BSOD while formatting my computer

My computer starts to hang, crash and encounter blue screen (BSOD). Prior to that, my computer was running fine, so I thought it was just an operating systems' (OS) problem. Then, I decided to format my computer. But when I tried to install the OS after formatting, the installation stops and display blue screen.

I already tried different installers and operating systems but I still encountered the same problem.

17″ Monitor not functioning well

Hi Experts,

I have a 17" monitor that's 5 years old and have been facing different issues. Some times there is no display and some times there is a lot of lines which effects me from working.

It display looks like shuttling up and down which happens when there is low power.

I have checked these.

1. Power supply watts is fine

2. Earthing is fine

Thanks in advance for the help

How insert cells,rows and columns to a table in ms word

How to insert cells,rows and columns to a table in ms word? 

Would need some detailed help.