Difference between sharing mail box and sharing memory


I am a bit confused and mixing the concepts that "In Indirect Communication, two processes can only communicate if they mail box." Sharing a mail box is like sharing memory. I am bit confused that the main theme of IPC is to avoid sharing memory for process communication. But here the technique is based on sharing the mail box.


Error on opening movie on Quicktime


While I was at home on the week end, I received a postal package from a relative. It contained a compact disk of video clips, taken from our family reunion. When I wanted to play it using QuickTime 7, I could not play it, because there was an error.

The error message tells me the movies could not be opened.

Error opening movie

The movie could not be opened.

File is Unsupported Error on Quicktime


I was at home. I wanted to watch the video clips that I have from a training. When I opened the file, an error message came across my screen.

It says that the movie cannot be played, and the file is unsupported.

The movie could not be opened.

The application attempted to use an unsupported Feature.

My first thought was, maybe my file is corrupted. So I ask for another copy of the video clip. When I try to play it again, the same error was displayed in my screen.

Problem loading URL in QuickTime


While I was using QuickTime at home, this error message I pasted below appeared on my screen, that said it needs a more higher version.

The QuickTime Plug-in requires the QuickTime
System extension version 5 or later.
QuickTime is available from Here

Quicktime Error: A network error has occurred


Last night, I wanted to use QuickTime to view some videos, a weird error occurred that said, "This computer’s Internet connection appears to be online". I pasted the screen shot below.

This computer Internet connected appears to be online

A network error has occurred

This computer's Internet connected appears to be

online. (-66559)

                         Network Diagnostics                     OK

Quicktime Error 47: Invalid URL.()

Hi all,

I am using QuickTime to view videos, listen to music, watch photo'.

On one occasion , I wanted to look at a video from the internet, I meet an error, I pasted below.

Error 47:  Invalid URL.  ()

I encountered this error this morning, when I clicked on open URL. I first restarted  my computer, since I have just exited my game. After rebooting my computer I tried again, same problem existed. I also checked on my internet connection, it was up and running, I don't have any DNS filter. I also checked my firewall, there is no restriction.

Error after closing vb6 on windows 7


After I wrote some code in VB6, I closed it. I got an error message (Visual basic has stopped working). My OS is 64 bit, Windows 7 ultimate. How do I solve this problem? Is this because I need administrator privileges? Or  is VB6 not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit? Please see the attachment for a screen shot of the error message .


How to restart, quit frozen application and reset iphone

Hi friends,

I need to know how to reset, quit frozen apps and reset my iphone.  As I was just listening to music in my iPhone's iPod application, my phone was completely locked up at the end of a tract, with an almost faded out display and worse my iPhone became completely unresponsive.

The display wouldn't accept any of my taps, even external button was ignored.


How to restart , quit frozen apps and reset iphone


I need to know what is happening with my iPhone. I was listening to music, when in my iPhone's iPod application, the phone was completely locked up at the end of the track, with an almost faded display and worse it became completely unresponsive.

Please help.


Difference between multi-programmed system and time sharing system

Hi guys,

Please Explain the difference between multi-programmed system and time sharing system. Also tell me that What is the difference between FILE DESCRIPTOR and BUFFER?

Thank you all.