Google Chrome Not running issue


I tested Chrome browser from Google at my friend’s PC.  I like it very much. When at home, I tried to install it to use. It gave me this error:

chrome.exe error

Chrome.exe- Application Error

The instruction at “0x011314df” referenced memory at “0x24418bf7”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program

Click on CANCEL to debug the program

Installing Avid Studio Error on Windows XP

Hi folks,

I am trying to install Avid Studio on my pc but unfortunately it is giving me error and quits every time.

I install the previous trial of avid studio version and everything was working well. Now when new version is out, I want to test it, but now it is not allowing me to install.

Please help me.

My pc is windows XP sp 3 core 2 duo 3 GB ram and 500 GB hard disk.

Anticipatory thanks for your help.

Note: the error presented to me by the installer program is

And the screen shot for the error is

avid studio error


Failure to display security and shut down options

Hi everyone,

System Specification:

  • Acer Aspire 4730 Laptop
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  • Processor - Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T3200
  • VGA - 14.1 WXGA high brightness Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD 1280x800 pixel resolution
  • Memory - 2GB DDR2
  • Graphics - Mobile Intel GL40 Express Chipset
  • Hard Drive - 160GB

I am receiving error:



Failure to display security and shut down options.

Battery aging with less Back-up and time.

Hi friends,

My Laptop battery does not meet expected life.

I have purchased a Laptop 10 months ago. My laptop came along with 6 cell battery, which initially gave me approximately two and half - 3 hours back up time as promised by the Manufacturer. It has now started giving me about 1 hour back up time. The battery icon shows 80% - 85% charged and 2-3 hour backup time. But in reality, it hardly gives me about 1 hour back up.

Pleas provide me any solution. My system is still under warranty, but manufacturer refused battery replacement stating it’s a consumable commodity and does not get covered under warranty.


Unable to access external Hard Drive

Hi all,

I have an I-Omega external Hard Drive, which I frequently used on desktop and laptop. It started giving me trouble with a warning of running a slow performance as my USB Ports are not up to the mark. The worst, is my systems detected all other external devices and suddenly they stopped detecting my external Hard Drive.

My external Hard Drive is also not showing up in “My Computer” and gives me an error – Disk is not formatted and do you want to format now? I did not dare to click yes, because I have many important data and presentation which I cannot afford to lose. So when I clicked “NO”, I got a message stating it cannot read the drive. Please help.


Realtek PCIe FE Error: Media Test Failure Check Cable

I am using Dell Inspiron 15R (N5010) with Intel i3 Processor, Centrino Wireless - N 1000 and Intel HD Graphics installed with Windows 7. I am facing the problem since yesterday that whenever I am trying to start my system, it is showing an error - Realtek PCIe FE Family controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09) exe-8:E61: Media Test Failure Check Cable. I have 4 GB RAM (2 x 2GB) which I removed and tried to power on but system does not go beyond the error message.

I also tried to re-install Windows 7 but getting the same error time and time again.

Please suggest.

Font size and icon are either too small or too big.

Hi folks,

I am using a Dell laptop with Windows OS installed.

I observed that, when starting new programs gets started automatically and my screen resolution changes with desktop icons and size. 

The screen resolution changes form 1024 x 768 to 640 x 480. Although I can changes those setting ,but unable to save them and make them stay. This happens every time I boot my system.

I have an ATI Rage 128 Ultra Video Card and the also updated Video Drivers. I believe the Video card driver is working fine.

I tried my best in getting screen resolution but unable to save those settings.

I have no clue and if someone can suggest me how to get this done.


Error – Hardware escalation is either disabled or not supported


I have a Studio 1558 laptop with Windows 7 installed on it and facing some issues with it.

I was facing certain issues with my Optical Disk Drive, which got replaced.

After replacing the optical drive, whenever I am playing any CD’s and DVD’s games or videos, an error message pops up -

Hardware escalation is either disabled or not supported by your video cards which could slow the performance.

To resolve the issue I have to shut down and restart my system and try all over again.

At times my system display goes blank or black, the moment I try playing those games or videos.

Unable to connect Wireless issue


I am having problem with my wireless router not getting connected to the internet. I have a Wired Broadband internet connection which is connected to my Desktop computer thru a modem provided by ISP. I decided to share internet connection on my other Laptop systems at home using a D-Link Wireless router.

I am not a tech savvy person, and the Broadband cable does not have provision to connect directly to the D-Link Router (Cable does not have a switch but a pin connected to the modem), so I decided to go by simple logic. I allowed my wired cable to remain connected to the modem and then connected the Router to the modem using LAN Cable.

Error – Operating System not found on a Desktop system.


I am using Windows Vista on a desktop computer. Whenever I start my system, it gives me an error – “Operating System not found” and gives me a black screen. Occasionally it also gave me an error – “boot disk failure” prompted with a black display and system does not boot to OS. I tried launch up repair from Advance Boot Menu, but failed. I also do not have an option of factory image set up coz it does not boot to “One Time Boot Menu”.