Windows XP licensing and counterfeiting error

Hi, please help me to fix the problem, before I get caught by my elder brother. It is actually a desktop PC belonging to my elder brother, which is running on XP operating system and I tried to use it during his absence.

Everything was OK and a message appeared in the taskbar, to update the Windows component while I was browsing on the internet. I pressed it by mistake and restarted the PC which was required by the updating process.

This copy of Windows is not genuine

You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.  This copy of Windows is not genuine and is not eligible to receive the full range of upgrades and product support from Microsoft.

Click Get Genuine now to get more information and resolve this issue.

Having Problem Burning ISO to a Blu-ray Disc

For the first time ever I have tried to burn an ISO image onto a Blu-ray disk and failed. I am using a Verbatim Rewritable 25 GB Disk. The software I am using to burn is ImgBurn and I am running Win 7 on my PC.

Though I was successful to burn the ISO image of the movie but I can’t find any movie after running the disk.

I can see only nothing but only menus. Could you please show me the complete ISO image burning process? Is this the fault of the ImgBurn software?

If you think.

So please suggest me some other compatible burning software.

Meego & Windows 7 for Fujitsu LifeBook


I'm planning to purchase netbook Fujitsu Lifebook MH 330 with specification Intel Atom N455, 10" LED Display, 1 GB DDR 3 RAM,  250 GB HDD.

The only problem is the operating system its using is MeeGo ( Linux ). I was wondering if I can installed Windows 7 in the netbook and which kind of Windows 7 can be used to install in it ?

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Discussing its services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon provides virtual service in the cloud. It provides Infrastructure as a service like storage, computing, platform as a service like Google App Engine, and Software as a service Like Google Docs.

As I say, AWS provide virtual services like elasticity in which you can change capacity in minutes and make the infrastructure expand and contract according to requirement. Next is the Flexibility which provides choice to choose data storage size, server, language, processor etc. AWS provide service on demand as all the sources are on internet. You need to pay only for whatever you use and how much you take in terms of storage capacity and data transfer.

Operating System Not Found error

When I start my computer, I get this message saying "operating system not found."

 However, I can still reach the BIOS settings.  So I check on it; then load the default settings; save it; then restart my computer. This helps it start normally. But every time I turn it off, I have to go through the same process again and again. The error keeps reappearing every time I turn my computer off and back.

Internet Download Manager and Mozilla Firefox 4.0


Good evening everyone.

I'm having a problem with Mozilla Firefox. I just updated my Mozilla browser to  Firefox 4.0 unfortunately some things I cannot do unlike the previous version. I have installed Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) in my desktop but after upgrading to Firefox 4.0 it seems that it cannot download anything directly from the browser.

System could not find the environment option that was entered on Vista

I am having this major problem and I don't know what is the reason behind it. I am receiving an error like this:

The system could not find the environment option that was entered

and this error is blocking my computer from doing system restore, run the command prompt as the administrator, run msconfig, and I cannot download anything typically. Everything that I downloaded will not launch or cannot be open. Booting from safe mode will not help either. This happened after downloading AVG Antivirus. I then insert my installation disk to repair my computer. But my pc doesn't recognize the installation disk. Now, I have nowhere to go. Is this another threat of Malware or spyware?

SQL Server Error code :1605

Please help as I am trying to set up SQL but been getting an error that says: "MsiGetProductInfo failed to retrieve ProductVersion for package with Product Code =__. Error code:1605". I don't know what's wrong because it's a genuine software.

  Did they give me the wrong one?

My client is waiting for me to set this one up for him and I only have few more days to go to perfect this. I honestly have no idea because this is the first time I encountered this error. Hoping for your kind consideration to answer this.

Thank you so much.  


Error code: 800702e4 on Windows Live Messenger

I badly need your help guys. This morning I wake up seeing this horrible surprise while signing in to my Windows Live Messenger account. I promise I didn't do anything with it.

It was working perfectly last night before I slept. This is the laptop of my boyfriend so I don't want him to get mad at me once he found out this error because I was the last one who used this.

Error code: 800702e4

Windows Live messenger

We can't sign you in to Windows Live Messenger

Error code: 800702e4

How to post images on forums?


Forgive me if I have to ask you this. There is this forum that I needed to post the screenshots of my payment proof and I do not know how to do it. I have seen that they embedded the images of their payment proof on their messages. I have no ide how to do that. 

Can someone give me a walkthrough about this. That would be very helpful if you can give some tricks because I would be able to use it to post some other things on the ferule other that my payment proof. 


Stephen Ross