I’m stuck with Configuring Updates 3 of 3

My computer is set to update automatically. Oftentimes, I forgot to check on the updates installed on it.

I will just recognize that my computer updated when it ask me to restart my system. I am running Windows Vista Business Edition. 

Just today, it updated again but when it ask me to restart my computer, after hitting the restart button, I end up with the configuring updates window from 1 of 3 to 3 of 3. I waited for it to finish updating, but it seems that the last part is not successful because it stops from there.

Where to download free version of AVG Anti virus

I have two computers for my children, one of them ins Windows and the other one is Windows XP both run with free AVG.

So far, they are both good, respectively, no problem.

Then, I just bought a new one for my own but it is on Windows Vista.

Because I know AVG is safe I also download the free AVG in my Windows Vista but suddenly I cant open it and can't save it.

Is it not functioning at Vista?

DO you gave me any source to get the free download..

or what do I really need to do with it. 

How to send a trigger signal to these two hardware?

Hi experts,

I have different hardwares and to start, my hardwares are -PXI 1044-PXI 8106-PXI 5142 (Digitizer)-PXI 5441 (AWG) that will help you to understand what I really need to do and what more hardware will be needing. To send commands, I am using the serial port to external hardware.

At the same time I have to generate a signal with the AWG and to run an acquisition on the digitizer. I am not a genius about hardwares, that's why I really needed help. 

Ctrl+Alt+Del Gives an Error: Task Manager Disabled by Administrator

Recently I have found a problem stating that the task manager is disabled by your Administrator, when I try to initiate it using Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete. When I do so, the task manager window does not appear but it is found on the lower task bar, which I fully greyed out.

The operating system that I am using with my computer is Windows XP.

Can I remove windows custom settings?

My computer screen has been attacked with warnings that my system is in a very critical mode advising me to download and install their program.

The pop up box shows a dreadful image and almost scares me as if my system is about to crash due to viruses, system and registry errors and that I should scan my system immediately. It is really annoying and keeps popping to my desktop. Even if I hit the X button to exit the pop up and make a full scan using my real Antivirus, it will come back and appear on my computer again and again.

Problem with backing up 400GB of datas using MS 2003

Hello There,
I am much in love using the MS 2003 than the MS 2007 maybe just because I am more well verse to it.
For that, I was going to install something on MS 2003, I was going to install this on a MS 2003 in the server which has 400GB worth of data, and I would want or like previous version etc. as well and will allocate a 2TB drive for this.
So the question would be like this.... Has anyone here used the product before, or used the product to backup that much data?
And my real concerned and I want to know is all about stability etc. so any feedback from you guys would be great and helpful for me.
thanks in advance.

Computer hardware and internet problem(windows 7)

I have just purchased a computer for my personal use since I am a new user of computer and I am suffering from some hardware problems.

My personal computer specifications are Hard disk, 40 GB Ram, 1 GB Motherboard, 4 GEGA HERTZ, Tower casing, DVD ROM, I am using the windows 7 in it. And I am also using the internet facility on my personal computer I have taken the connection from a nearby connection provider. I have purchased the pc before one month ago I am suffering form a lot of problems in it some of the problems are related to the software problems but the major problem is related to the hardware.

Web page to download latest version of InterActual Player

There are lots of specific player that is free from the internet but I really don't know why I love to try this InterActual Player 2.7 and I am having a problem downloading it. I would love to install and download InterActual Player 2.7 for my pc but when I go to sites, it appears to be error or down or even like an abandoned one.

Oh well I have currently installed InterActual Player 2.6 and I want to update it because I am always wanting to run the latest version. But Anyone here can help me to find where I can locate or find the best website I can download this?

I've look around and search throughout the internet but seems I really cant find it. Please help me finding the site.


Missing Microsoft word tool bar


I have a little computer training Centre and recently, I got some completely novice students. As I leave them alone with the PC sometimes, they tend to explore new things about the computer.

Recently I found out that  my "MS Word" is missing its toolbars. e. g:(bold,italic,center, align. etc). How can i get the toolbars back? as it is a really essential one.

Anyone help me please.

MS-Office 2010: Microsoft Word won’t start


I am using Microsoft Office 2010. Recently I started having a problem with MS Word. It won't start. I tried reinstalling but it didn't work. Other office applications are working fine. It's only MS Word which is giving trouble.

Can anyone please help me?