Trouble encountered in opening a file

I had a hard time opening this one kind of a file which has been just sent to me yesterday. It was sent to me with the attachment's format of an Microsoft Excel.

As I opened it after done downloading an error shows on the screen stating an Error 25091 Set up failed to change the source. Then buttons of Cancel or Retry.

I was dazed since I don't know what to do next. My first thought is that the file must be a virus. I don't have any idea about this. Please help.

What are the different types of internet connections?

I am using PLDT as my ISP; my connection is at minimum speed of a 384 kbps. Their connection is consistent unlike other ISP which promises fast uninterrupted connection but the truth is all of them are slow when pick hours.

I just wondering if my connection is the best compared to others so I just want to know what are the other types or kinds of internet connection.

Update failed on Microsoft Security Essentials.

My previous Antivirus was Norton but I am not satisfied with its performance in terms of detecting viruses.So I searched over the internet to find the best Antivirus that I can use. I found out that Microsoft Security Essentials has a good feedback on most forums that I have read. I downloaded and installed MSE successfully it also updates its definitions. But these following days, when I try to update it because I saw the last update was a week ago, it displayed an update error (refer to the image below). Why do I get this error although I have a fast internet connection?


Insights needed regarding Firmware and software

I am just wondering what the differences between Firmware and Software are.

What I know is that Firmware is those in Cell phone and other devices unrelated to computer and Software is an application that we use in a computer.

Can someone share some insights regarding this one?

And further discuss to me what firmware is and what is software?


Date and Time action script

I am making a screen saver for a cell phone using Macromedia Flash 8 and I want it to have the current date and time features. I am using a Text tool with a property of Input Text as for the display of date and time. I am having a trouble using the script; I created an array for the name of the months but unable to get the value for date and time. Kindly assist me with this one.

BSOD: Himem.sys error, XMS Driver not installed

Yesterday when I open my computer I got the Blue Screen of Death in normal start up. So I try to start it on safe mode but an error occurred saying “himem. sys has detected unreliable XMS memory at address 02C02CO2 XMS Driver not installed”.

What kind of error related to himem. sys?

Error encountered in Pen drive formatting

I thought my computer was attacked by a certain virus since I can't process the formatting my pen drive. As trying to format it, an error appear stating; ''cannot format the pen drive''. Thinking it was a cause of a virus, I scan my computer already and reformat it again, but still the same error shows. Please help me.

Trouble engaging Windows XP shutdown

This has been my problem about almost a week already. I find it annoying when I am closing the computer. Every moment I shut down the Windows XP there appears something ''add word pop up'' for a sudden that states; running and I have to end task. It is so annoying since I can do trying to shut down it for almost 10 times attempt for it to close normally. 

Please help, any idea what issue causes my problem.

Error in loading Microsoft PowerPoint

I was having trouble loading Microsoft PowerPoint. I was doing a case study and it should be presented through PowerPoint.

As I was loading Microsoft PowerPoint an error interrupted. It stated: Application failed initializing properly (0xc0150002) Click OK to terminate application.

As a remedy to the issue, I removed the PowerPoint and add it back again. But still the same error occurred. I also disabled all the applications of Microsoft Office and then re-installed it again. Then rebooted my computer and reload the PowerPoint again. However, the same error appeared.

I need help.

Engaging error on the disk with Windows Vista

I was having trouble on my disk. I need help with this. I was using the Windows Vista and here I encounter a problem stating the disk was write - protected. That it should have been remove the write - protection or rather use another disk. Was this a virus or malware? Please help me.