Windows 7 Ultimate, video driver didn’t work properly

My graphics card is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

When I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate from Windows XP, my graphics card driver is not installed.

I only have a resolution of 640X480. Searching for updated driver produced no result.

Any help finding it?


Form contact us connected with email server

I made the contact us form on the web.  Connected with the email server (while wearing my email). Script as follows:

How to redirect to mozilla firefox on Yahoo Messenger

I  installed software such as Yahoo Messenger or OnlyWire submitter. I want to be directed to the site  when clicking the Mozilla or Google Chrome button.

Currently, the default official site of Yahoo Messenger is in IE browser. How do I make arrangements to be directed to the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, because I think   IE is very slow in  loading.

Create a Plugin for WordPress using Jquery

As we know, jQuery is a cross browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client side scripting of HTML. I am interested in creating a plug-in for WordPress.

In addition to using PHP according to my friends also have to use jQuery and $ programming language. Which do you think is better to create a word press plug-in?

How to open a file extension zip.exe

Is 7 zip or WinRAR can open file with extension zip.exe? Because I just download a file with the name When I open that file there, it can't be opened. I have to rename by removing the .exe, but still could not be opened. If the file can be opened, what is the name of the software?

Please help me.

My blog got deindex, What should I do?

About 4 months ago, one of my blogs got deindex. My blog has been created site links by Google, UV least 1K, I do not use auto blog or AGC. The contents I created manually by posting at least 3 posts a day. I am confused why my blog can deindex.

It is also natural backlinks and I do not use SEO Service. What should I do? Left and create new, or what?

18. how to open a file extension zip.exe

How to clone the WordPress blog

I want to create a new blog with the old database, Wordpress based blog. Without having to install it again in Cpanel using the auto installer, so I just upload a file from the old blog to new domain.

I want to ask what needs to be in the backup? How to stage to perform his own clone Wordpress blog?

Terms for using the wireless mouse

I am very interested in the current mouse technology, the mouse that uses wireless, because it does not use a cable. I wanted to ask whether enough to have a laptop that supports USB and Wi-Fi support? Essentially what I need to use a wireless mouse? If my laptop supports wireless mouse wireless keyboard also means support it?

My operating system need to reinstall again and again

I have Intel Pentium 4 pc with 3.00 Ghz processor, 2GB ram and 160 GB harddisk space.

My problem is my operating system need to reinstall again and again. After i install windows XP some days its running good.

But after some days its became slow and faces many problems. Is this problem of my harddisk or my ram or motherboard.

Experts answer me please.

Thanks is advance.

Have a great day

Compatibility Issues in Windows 7

I have installed Windows 7 in my laptop but I am facing some issues in installing "TURBO C" (ERROR: compatibility issue).

I installed DOS and then tried to run "C". Now I can execute my codes but not as efficiently as it was executing them on Windows XP. Is there any other software available for designing and executing codes?