Error Reading Disk Insert System

I had bought a PC from a very close friend with two operating systems installed within, Windows XP and Windows 7. The Windows XP was installed to Drive C while the Windows 7 was installed to Drive D.

I decided to remove the Windows XP because I didn’t realize the necessity of using two operating systems at the same time for performance reason. While the process of removing Windows XP was about to end, my PC restarted and this kind of error had occurred


Ntfs.sys error on switching to Vista from XP

I cannot use my desktop for some reason. It won't boot up. My Operating System is Windows Vista. The CPU is just manually built up by my brother's friend. It has been three years that I am using this computer and just a month ago, from Operating System of XP.

I finally decided to switch to Windows Vista. I think, I should not have because I am now experiencing this issue.

I am not sure if Vista is prone to Ntfs.sys error, but I encountered this from switching to it. Just thinking about the hassle in reformatting once again, transferring files and thinking of files that I was not able to save makes me weak.

Is there any other way to solve this without the reformat?

CCleaner is not clearing my history

I used CCleaner to clean my windows pc. I recently noticed that it is not deleting cookies and clearing the history of my visited websites. Google Chrome is my default browser so I had to go to settings>tools>clear browsing data every time I want to do it. I checked CCleaner and under Google Chrome, internet cache, cookies and history are all checked.

My CCleaner version is v3.02.1343. I have been using it for so long because it speeds up my computer’s performance. I don’t know if the problem is on my Google chrome settings. Is there a fix for this?

Which are the best free Antivirus to download

My cousin downloaded a file from the internet and ever since that happened, I started to get a lot of pop-ups on my PC. Also, I noticed that sometimes my mouse pointer is moving without me touching it. Is my computer being infiltrated or something? I have an Antivirus installed and it’s updated. It came free for one year when I purchased my computer. I don’t think it is working properly because I still get those annoying ads.Can you suggest the best free Antivirus software that can be downloaded from the internet? I only know AVG and Malwarebytes.

Computer shuts down when trying to access command prompt

It has been three days since I last used my personal computer at home because I am now really irritated. I am using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Operating System. I am suspecting that a virus has attacked my computer. Since I do not regularly update my Antivirus software, I just realized that I should, because of this problem that made my computer busted.

I need to access my command prompt, but I could not, because whenever I am typing cmd, my computer shuts down. I always use shortcuts. When I go to my accessories manually, I can still go to command prompt, however if this is caused by virus, once and for all, this should be stopped!

Somebody help me please.

Computer stop working properly after replacing MOBO

I had to change my motherboard because the on-board audio and video cards are both not working. It booted up fine after 15 seconds but it went to a blue screen after getting the startup page. It says insert the installation disc to do startup repair.

So I tried startup repair and it didn’t work. Also I system restore didn’t fix it. The last resort I could to is to reinstall the operating system but I want to find out if there are other solutions to this kind of problem.

I’m using windows 7 Starter and the problem started after I replaced my motherboard.

Outlook out of office assistant will not go away


My Microsoft Outlook is having trouble with Out of Office assistant. I just came back from a week long vacation leave and I was terrified when I found out that I cannot change settings that I am already back in the office. Consequently, my office mates and not to mention, my boss, are still receiving out of office messages from my email. 

I tried to restart Outlook and the computer, but unfortunately, still the same thing. The error that I am seeing is "The command is not available." Yeah, I can still work, but it feels so awful thinking that I am crazy enough to send out of office message, but I was able to reply to their email. Any help is appreciated.

Monitor display is upside down

Dear All,

I am having trouble with my home computer. I leaned on our window to check someone who called me from outside the house and when I get back to my computer, I found out that my monitor display is already upside down. Yeah, I think I have pressed something on the computer to make the display like that, but I want to get it back to what it was before. I was told to press Control + Alt + Up Arrow Key, but sadly, that does not work. I do not know any other options to try aside from that step that fixed my issue before.

Thanks in Advance,


Blackout cause damage to CPU

This post is a friendly advice to all computer users. Blackout causes damage in CPU. Recently, my classmate have just repaired his computer because the CPU had been damaged due to the sudden blackout that was continuously experienced without prior notice. The technician said that the cause for the CPU's damage is the blackout. So be advised to get notified if there's a blackout in your place. Always shut down you computer in a proper way.  Make sure that the exhaust fan is tightly locked up to the CPU and don't forget to plug-off the wire after using the computer.

Thanks and I hope you can learn from this post.

Wireless mouse is working intermittently

Since all of my friends are using wireless mouse in school, and they are teasing me to buy one, I finally gave in. It is just that I am having a hard time using it and making it work at its best. I am specifically pointing out that it does work, but intermittently. Sometimes it work, sometimes it don’t.

I made sure that Bluetooth is working and that it is turned on whenever it does not work. I’ve made sure that the Bluetooth detects the wireless mouse device. I want this to work such as when I turn the computer on, automatically, I don’t have to do the same things that I did the first time I installed it. How can I make my wireless mouse work effectively and not intermittently?