Error message says no hard drive detected.


I have a computer which has been giving me problems for some time. Some times when it is turned on, it works fine. At other times before the Operating system can finish loading, it displays a message that says, "No hard drive detected."

Since I have taken the hard drive out and tried it in another system, it works fine. I've even replaced the ribbon cables connecting the hard drive to the motherboard, and even inserting a new hard drive.

However this yielded the same result.

Please suggest.


Implement different polices for different uses & computers?

Hello all,

How are you? I want to classify different policy of different users & computers. To set the different policies for different users and computers, what is needed policy for doing this. Describe me this different users & computer . I am waiting for solution .Please help me.

Thank you.

Dell Inspiron Laptop Plugged but not Charging


I need some advice about my friend's Dell Inspiron Laptop not charging. I have a new battery installed and for some reasons at times it appears to charge and at other times it's not charging. At this time the computer is on/plugged in and when I click the battery icon on the bottom task bar icon it states "22% available (plugged in, not charging)". I had the computer shut off, but plugged in and it didn't charge the battery. Any ideas as to where to start looking?

Thank you.

Error in Office word application

This only happens in Microsoft word and I have windows vista. When I type certain punctuation other symbols are entered, for example:

' = when I press it once nothing shows up when I press is a 2nd time I get ``
/ = é
= < 
Shift = >
[ = when I press it once nothing shows up when I press is a 2nd time I get ^^
] = when I press it once nothing shows up when I press is a 2nd time I get ¸¸
~ = #
< = '
> = . 

Please help.

Thank you.

Performing System Restore takes too long to finish

Hi All need some help, please. I am restoring my pc and i am taking it back too factory setting how it 3 years old and i have a white screen with a gray box in it with an icon of a pc with a magnifying class running around it how its been doing this for 12 hours now and the line in green is moving faster now does anyone know how long it will take or can i stop it?

TV Philips 3D connected PC


Here I have a TV Philips 3D, which is connected to HDMI on my PC.

I tested played 3D video with VLC and 3D rendering is really bad the foreground is in focus, but the background is wrong bunk! ...

For games it's almost the same thing ...

I can not find the setting that is well and have an ATI (Radeon HD4850​​). I do not have the opportunity to put the kit nVision.

Is there any way to make it a wonder?

Thank you for your answers.

How to recover files moved by using Autounpack


I used Autounpack for the first time. I clicked on "start" button and some of my files have disappeared. Can not find them. I am told that the files have been moved but no other indication.

We can recover files moved? How?

Thank you for your advice! I have an Acer Aspire M5910-407 Intel with win XP.

Windows 7 slow startup and shutdown


My problem is this: Windows 7 is slow to startup and shutdown, even after cleaning (CCleener) and defragmentation.

Then I closed all running programs, but nothing changed?

At startup, I only open the programs I need (not much) or after the works?

Well, I do not understand anything?

Thank you in advance if you can help me.

Automatically synchronize my files on win7

Hello everyone,

I have two computers: a desktop and a laptop, both on Windows 7. I have passions for music and photography. So, I sometimes store my photos in a new computer but not another. For music: when I have a new album of an artist, I stuck in a PC and not the other.

I am looking for software that would automatically synchronize my files (media) between two computers, so that I can find the same content in them all the time.

For information, my 2 computers are on the same network in the house.

Do you have any names of software with this function, please offer me?


CD/DVD Not working and not visible on BIOS option menu


I am under windows 7 64, DD33, hard drive and burner.

When I want to start a live CD or DVD,it does not work and if I go into the bios to put the cd in the first function does not exist.

who can help me?

Thank you.