Top 10 Best Free Web Design Software


Web designing is the process of developing a website that may comprise several aspects like a webpage, content production, graphic design, etc. Web designing is not developing software but designing a website. The web design software tools have made comfortable and easier to develop any website. Usually, there are two types of web designs, responsive and adaptive design. In the first design, the content of the website moves according to the size of the screen. In the second design, the content of the website does not move. It remains constant. Let us have a glance at the best and efficient web design software tools. The following are the top 10 web design tools with its features:


Weebly mobile software tool enables users to create a high-quality website. It offers multiple features. Users can create their websites from anywhere, anytime on iPhones, iPads, Android, and Android tablets. This software allows users to create the online store, stay connected with customers, engage the audience, website creation, and editing abilities, etc. This tool has a drag and drops options, add the product to your sites, use images directly from the gallery, a huge set of online themes, etc. Additionally, it allows users to monitor their sites in real-time dashboards, detailed information on site traffic, store orders, etc.

Wix web design software is easy to use and a mobile-friendly software for the beginners. This software is used widely over 160 million people to build their websites. Wix software allows users to sell products online, become a blogger, manage people, etc. Users can create websites, upload photos, pictures, blog posts, add web pages with a huge set of templates, professional web presence, zero codings, etc. Wix offers a great platform to become bloggers and sellers. People can write their blog and post it, post the products that want to sell, online bookings, send invitations, create discussions, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a widely used software tool that enables users to create an interesting and attractive website. It allows users to build beautiful sites for any browser, fast and flexible coding, dynamic display on every device, seamless live view editing, multi-monitor support for windows, modern and recent UI, Git support, This software comes with different packages suitable for business, students & teachers, cloud, and simple package. The price of each package varies. Additionally, it has a set of templates, brings assets from libraries, and stores it on your website.


Mobirise is a mobile-friendly software tool that creates websites easily. It provides an easy interface. This application is an offline tool to create a website for any browser. Mobirise application is compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems. It enables users to create websites, landing pages, online resumes, portfolios, more than 2500 website blocks, templates, themes, etc. The biggest advantage of using this website is it is free to use for commercial as well as non-commercial use. Additional features are drag blocks to the page, edit, and style inline sets block parameters, preview & publishing, free download, more than 2500 amazing blocks, etc.

The SITE123 is an easy to use software and provides comfortable platforms to create websites. Its features include responsive web design, free hosting, SEO tools, free image & icons library, website design tools, one page & multi-page options, blog, unlimited web pages, video tools, email marketing, complete website support, social media integration, favicon, third-party plugins, online store, dropdown menus, language selection, etc. This tool comes with two packages, the free and premium packages. The premium package requires a subscription plan of $14 per month.


WordPress is the most-used and user-friendly website design tool. More than 35% of people use this tool to create new and attractive websites. It incorporates features like simplicity, flexibility, publishes with ease, publishing tools, user management, media management, full standard compliance, easy theme system, extends with plugins, built-in comments, search engine optimization, multi-lingual, easy installation & upgrades, own import data, etc. Additional features are application features, customizable content types, and plugin support. To make your website live on the internet, you need to buy domain and host.


Godaddy software for designing websites has now become a free application. It is offering the users with the free version to access the features. This software includes fast & secure web hosting and allows earning customer’s trust. It offers various packages like Professional Email, Online Starter Bundle, GoDaddy Pro, Managed WordPress, SSL Security, Websites & Marketing, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting. The price for each of these packages varies according to features. Features include free tools for designers & developers, enables users to start a business, connect with new customers, build credibility, compete with bigger businesses, marketing of products, etc.


Strikingly software of creating websites offers incredible features to users. It includes features like online website building tool, easy to navigate interface, a user-friendly website builder, option to buy a domain, integrate an online store, ready to launch themes, and drag and drop options, etc. This tool requires zero coding skills for users. Users just need to sign up with google account of Facebook account. The templates incorporated in this tool are categorized into business, startup, blogs, etc. Additionally, there are multiple editing options to make the website more attractive. But, users need to buy a domain to publish products or blogs online.


Jimdo software enables users to create or develop a website on PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phones. It has a user-friendly interface. This tool is available in 12 different languages and assisted around 8 million people to build their website. It includes features like selling online easily, sign-up free, photo galleries, track the success of a website, mobile optimization, excellent support, search engine optimization, social media sharing, QR codes, etc. The features are categorized into shopping cart software, content management system, wen design software, website builder software, and development tools software.


Webnode is one of the top 10 websites creating tool. This software has around 22 millions of site owners across the globe. Its features include easy-to-use online editor, no advertises, modern & attractive looking templates, E-commerce features, google analytics integration, sharing on social media, search engine optimation marketing, usage of respective domains, etc. This software comes with four packages, namely limited, mini, standard, and profi. Additionally, it offers a free trial period of 14 days to the new users. Also, it enables users to develop websites in 20 distinct languages.


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