Top 10 Chatting Software For Mobile (Android And IOS)

There are multiple chatting software tools available nowadays for mobile devices as well. Through mobile devices, it becomes easier for everyone to chat with others anywhere and anytime. Mobile chatting software tools enable users to chat instantly. The use of SMS or MMS has replaced by these mobile chatting software tools. Additionally, these tools come with advanced features like video calling, various stickers to send, GIFs, etc. So, communication has become very interesting and easier. There are several chatting software tools available. So, users get confuse to choose the best among all. The following are the top ten mobile chatting software tools with their features.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the most-used and popular application for mobile devices. This software is compatible to work with Android and iOS mobile phones. The features of this tool are eye-catching and commendable. It enables users to have a reliable and simple messaging with friends and family for free. The only requirement is the internet connection to send and receive messages. Additionally, users can create a group and can add the number of members to it. So, it has a group chat feature. The maximum number of members that can be added in each group is 256. This tool also supports desktop and web-based systems.

MessengerMessenger is another most-used and popular application integrated with Facebook. Through this application, users can start instant chat with friends and family. The best part of this tool is that users need not require to exchange their phone numbers. There are huge sets of stickers, emojis, and GIFs. Using these multiple emojis and stickers, users can express their feelings. Also, users can share images, videos, document files, links, etc. Users can click photos and add various filters or doodles. These photos can be shared with friends and family. This tool also supports video chat. The only requirement is a good internet connection.

HangoutsHangouts is another top chatting software tool for mobile phones. This tool is powered by Google. Mostly, this tool is used for business purposes. It has multiple features incorporated in it. They are instant messaging, video calls, HD video calls, HD group conferencing, auto screen focus, intelligent muting, built-in screen sharing, Hangout on air, integration with all other Google applications, customizable control for admins, etc. This tool is compatible to install on Android as well as iOS devices. In this application, chat histories are saved. Users can share photos, videos and these media get uploaded on private Google Drive.

LINELike Whatsapp messenger, the LINE chat software tool also uses users’ mobile phone numbers. Additionally, the best feature of this tool is it offers users with paid calls to mobile devices or landlines. Like Facebook and Twitter, the LINE tool also has a timeline feature that works similarly. Users can upload photos or videos on a timeline. Additionally, this application also offers multiple stickers, emojis, etc. ti express feelings like happiness, anger, and many others. Users can share multimedia files with others. Also, users can record audio or video instantly and share it with others.


Kik is another top chat software tool for mobile phones. The design of this tool is similar to that of the SMS text messenger. The most appealing feature of this application is it sends a notification to the users about when he or she has sent a message of receiving a message. Also, the audio notification sound can be changed with different tones. Additionally, this application can be used to invite friends or family to use this tool via SMS, email, or Facebook & Twitter. The most recent feature of this application is “Meet New People.” This feature enables users to chat with new people of interest.


Skype is used by millions and hundreds of people across the globe to chat and call every day. This application is one of the popular tools used for chatting daily. This software tool is compatible to work on the mobile phone, desktop, tablets, webs, and Xbox. The features of Skype include online meetings, holding interviews, connect with anyone across the globe, and more features. People can connect with other people having Skype accounts. The other features include calling at lower rates, getting a local phone number, sending SMS from Skype, etc. Skype numbers are available in 26 different countries.

WeChatWeChat chatting software tool for mobile phones enables users to have communication instantly. This tool allows users to exchange messages and also supports free calls. The messaging feature of the WeChat tool includes text messages, voice messages, video calls, and conference calls. The other feature of WeChat is localization. It includes scanning QR codes, WeChat search engine, hongbao, a news feed, E-wallet, WeChat pay, card repay, loans, mobile top-up bills, public services, third-party services, booking rail tickets, booking flights tickets, booking a taxi, hotel, movie-tickets, flash sales, and many more features. The WeChat software tool is an all-in-one tool.

IMOIMO is yet another one of the top chatting software tools for mobile devices. The main objective of the IMP application is it assists users to access their instant messaging accounts without any troubles. This application is a web-based tool and offers multiple features. The major features of the IMO application include exchanging text messages, video calls, and voice calls for free. Additionally, the IMO tool supports various other applications, like ICQ, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Hives, Facebook, etc. This tool ahs a user-friendly environment and offers a simple environment to its users. Users can access multiple chat clients at a single time. There is a feature to store, browse, and search chat history, share photos, music, and other files, send voice, etc.

HikeThe Hike is also called a HIke Sticker Chat. This tool is a cross-platform instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) application. It is compatible to work with Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian S60 mobile devices. Also, Hike messenger is available in 10 different Indian languages, including English. This application has earned millions of users and popularity in a very short time. The features of Hike messenger include HikeMoji, stickers, quick reply, chat themes, hide chats, privacy, security, and many more. HikeMoji offers more than 100 stickers that have a small message written in Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam languages. The chat theme feature enables users to change the theme according to the wish.

KakaoTalkKakaoTalk chat software is also called a KaTalk tool. This application is available free for mobile devices. This application offers voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, location sharing, gameplay, and many other features. This tool relies on mobile phone numbers like the WhatsApp messenger tool. This tool provides unlimited free voice, video calls, and text messages to other users. Additionally, it supports group text messaging, a large user base, etc. It is available in 15 distinct languages and supports Android, iOS, Windows OS, and macOS. The other features include contact management, audio & graphic elements, sharing, etc.


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