Top 10 OKR Softwares

OKR is known as objectives and key results. It connects a team of people in a company to work together by sharing their goals and results. You can set targets and outcomes for yourself or your employees through OKRs.


Want to keep track of the staff in your company? Then Asana is one of the best software for tracking the progress of your teammates. You can maintain portfolios. You can monitor the workload of team members. There are custom templates that allow you to create your project template. You can integrate it with various other tools such as Slack and Dropbox. Manage any complex project through Asana effortlessly.


Are you looking for a good planner? Then Week plan is the one you need. If you want to be very productive in planning your priorities, then you can depend upon the Week plan. Not only Managers but anyone can use it to get benefitted. Set your goals clearly and manage your roles in a week by viewing there here. Track your time and schedule your tasks. Get all your work prioritized and done at the right time.

3. Trackstar

Trackstar is surely needed for all HR managers. Review the process and performance of your employee through trackstar. You can set goals for your employees. Evaluate their performance and get them engaged. This fully automated system will surely reduce your burden as a manager. Its applicant tracking system also reduces your task of taking in new people to your company.

4. Wrike

It provides you with a detailed report for managing your work. You can give subtasks in OKR, which allows your employees to mark them once completed. Build an OKR template for your team. Ask them to share their work and monitor their progress. Make adjustments to their work and grade their OKRs. Report back to employees for improvement.

5. Lattice

This cloud-based software allows you to set objectives and key results. Organize your OKRs through a system. Collaborate with others like your team leaders to set the aim for each department. Present your final work to everyone in your company. Post your queries and get answers straightforwardly through Lattice. It makes analyzing very simple for HR managers.

6. Namely

Make recruitments and maintain attendance of employees through Namely. It’s available on mobile for access anytime. As an HR manager, you can maintain payroll data. You can get into contact with many other HRs through Namely. It also contains automated review cycles to collect answers from employees. Appreciate the work of your employees and encourage them to perform better.

7. People goal

Engage your employees and boost the performance of your company. It has a talent management system in it to make your employees work productively by creating strategic alignment. Get valuable insights from its 360 degrees feedback software. Employees are also benefitted through this software as they have their goals set. Management also has work done efficiently.

8. Weekdone

Want to get immediate updates on what’s going on in your company? Then Weekdone will surely help you. The live dashboards allow you to get updates on what everyone in your company is doing. You can get updates on what needs to be completed for the week and organize all your work to be done. Make decisions immediately when you see people are not doing their tasks. Get feedback from your colleagues and praise them. This will help in encouraging each other.

9. Heart pace

If you’re managing a small company, I suggest Heart pace for you to stay connected with your employees. This platform will make sure everyone in your company works towards achieving the goals. It will bring your company in a positive direction to give the best profit. It has a customizable dashboard that makes progress tracking easy.

10. Betterworks

Create many OKRs and view them all through Betterworks. See the status of progress in percentage that allows you to make quick predictions on how much everyone has contributed. See your progress using the graph provided. The recognition feature allows you to compare employees to see who is performing better.


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