Windows Vista

Windows Vista

I have this problem for 4 months now. My windows Vista wouldn't boot up on the system. It shows different error messages at different times. There are two error messages:

1. Memory error ( 3blinks)
2. BIOS error( 2blinks)

I went to the expert and servicing else. They fixed the problem and commented that was happening due to overheating. They adjust 2 GB into the first slot. Then there was no problem. But the problem has recurred again. I bought two memory chips(2 GB and 1 GB). But this new memory chip cannot fix this problem.

It is HP Pavilion Dm4-1160us.

If anyone help me I will be grateful to you.

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I am having trouble downloading updates on my Toshiba laptop. It has Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 32Bit Operating System installed on it. I have set my updates automatically.

But every time the updates start, I don't receive any errors that it failed to download some important updates like upgrading to Service Pack 2. I am using my laptop for almost a year now and yet I am still running Service Pack 1. I have lots of free space on my memory. My RAM is 2.00GB while my hard disk has 300GB spaces.

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I am using the new Vista Home Premium. I keep on getting “rundll32 “ errors when navigating through different files and applications. I cannot connect to the internet either. Maybe the problem seems to be rising from an update for the new Explorer. Whenever i try to connect to the net, this message pops up "Windows host process (Rundll32) has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

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I got an HP PAVILION DESKTOP with a Windows Vista – Home Basic Operating System, and I’ve used it for 2 years. It was good before but lately I’m really pissed off with its crap performance! It has an Intel Core Duo processor, installed RAM 1.00 GB, 32 bit Operating System. I am just using my computer for surfing the net and playing games like Solitaire but I really don’t know why is it that so slow.

I tried calling the attention of my friends who has knowledge about computers and they told me that it is because of the Windows Vista issue, that it really has a slow performance and there are a lot of complaints about it. So, I decided to change my Operating System by upgrading it from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate. 

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My Acer laptop has installed Vista 32-Bit Home Edition but it is not booting. It shows command prompt in the start which ask me to press F8.

After pressing F8 it directed to the Safe Mode option.

Whenever I select the Safe Mode, this error occurred “Windows Failed to start as a recent Hardware or Software is changed. Insert Windows installer Disc.”  Then tried to reinstall the Window in my computer.
But unfortunately I don’t know why it has no original installer.
To restore the original setting of his laptop can I apply the recovery Disc?
By doing this my problem will be resolved or not?
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My Vista has suddenly started showing up, random command prompts at start up. By random I mean, they pop up simultaneously at start up blocking my taskbar. I try and end them via task manager, but the problem is that, whenever I restart my computer they start up again, which is annoying.

I have tried system restore and that worked for 2 restarts but after that the whole thing started up again. The command prompts have the name “consent.exe”. I tried scanning with my Kaspersky Antivirus, but it didn’t detect any virus. Urgent help needed in this issue as I can’t shut down my PC because of it.

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My computer crashed few times from the past months. It was really frustrating to pay for an expert technician to fix it everytime it happens. Just today, while I was doing some research for my job, it restarted automatically. I thought it was just normal because before it restarted, i downloaded some updates for my pc. After restarting, I cannot open my windows anymore. There is an error that says;

NTLDR is missing

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

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I am facing a problem that I have downloaded some YouTube Videos (.flv) media files on my computer but I am unable to rename, delete or move the file to another folder of my computer. I can copy or play the file but it doesn’t allow me to do anything else.

The “READ ONLY” field is not checked in the properties. And I don’t know why I am unable to even change any of the properties. Whenever I tried to change the properties it displays a warning message “Access Denied”. And sometimes it shows me “Cannot delete file COM Surrogate error”.

I also tried “Windows file shredder” software but no success. It shows an error message that shredder “can’t delete the file”.

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This problem is indeed bothering me! It all started when I reformat the computer. On the first day, it works properly but on the second day when i turned on my computer it'll always restart and then it cannot even load the Windows Vista logo. Yes I am using Windows Vista Premium for my computer. But before that happened, i used to install a LAN game after reformatting the computer.

How does this happened? What would be the problem of the computer?

It's getting me worried i don't want my computer will be malfunction.

Post your answers.

Please thank you.

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Hello there,

My name is Alexander and I got some problems. I bought a new Windows Vista laptop two weeks ago. I was so excited that I finally bought it. I pick it up from the store and put it in my apartment. Then I was so happy finally opening it. But when I did open it, I found out, my laptop won't turn on. I was so afraid. I just bought it and it was broken already!

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