An good computer, drop, keep, buy new one?

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Hello there,

My name is Alexander and I got some problems. I bought a new Windows Vista laptop two weeks ago. I was so excited that I finally bought it. I pick it up from the store and put it in my apartment. Then I was so happy finally opening it. But when I did open it, I found out, my laptop won't turn on. I was so afraid. I just bought it and it was broken already!

I got really cranky and started to go insane. Till when I tried turning it on again pressing the button of the laptop, it shows me a white screen. The whole screen was in white color. It was crazy. So someone can help me? I would really would like some help. I've bought so many laptops from this store and they all worked, now I am just so disappointed and mad about this case. Please do help me. 



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An good computer, drop, keep, buy new one?


Hello Alexander,

I'm sorry about what happened to you. I think this is a rare case of a brand new laptop that is defective. I'll have to ask you some questions first:

  • Is this a brand new Laptop?
  • What are the Brand and Model of your laptop?
  • Is the packaging of the laptop intact?
  • Are all the manuals in the box?
  • The box is on the laptop sealed when you bought it?
  • Any scratch or sign of usage of the laptop?

I'm asking you this question because maybe your laptop has been used already and repacked. I'm not accusing anyone but it might have been defective before you bought it. Here are some solutions for your problems:

1. Your laptop must be initially Covered with warranty 1 year or more from its manufacturer. First Call Technical Support for your product, btw what is the brand and model of your laptop? If things didn't go well here I suggest you go back to the shop where you bought your laptop, hopefully they will replace it with a new one, now before leaving the store open it up and test all the necessary things to be tested.

Turn the laptop on, Check the battery, Charger, and manuals, also you might want to test (Bluetooth, WiFi, Sounds, USB Ports, Trackpad, and Keyboard). After all this test you can make sure that you have a brand new and unused laptop.

2. Turn On your laptop, you will see a blank display on the LCD, do you hear your Hard Disk Drive Spinning or running? Follow this procedure:

  • Unplug The Power Chord attached to the laptop.
  • Remove the battery and then hold down the power button for 60 seconds.
  • Reattach the power Chord Only an attempt a boot.
  • Reattach the Battery and restart.

If this work you'll save time, Money and relieve stress.

3. This Procedure is for DIY I suggest you don't do this if your laptop is still covered by warranty or you do not have experience opening a laptop before. There are 3 Main Reason of the Blank or white screen is Because,

  • There is a Lost connection between the video cable and the LCD screen.
  • Your Laptop's LCD screen is defective.
  • Your Laptop's Motherboard is Defective (Video Graphics Adapter that is Integrated in your Laptop's Motherboard).

You Could Still use your laptop with an external monitor. If only the LCD Screen is defective not the graphics adapter. Just connect the monitor to the VGA port on the back or side of your laptop and then switch the video output from internal to external mode. I prefer you do this first to diagnose where the problem is coming from and to avoid guessing whether your LCD nor the graphics adapter is defective.

  • Toshiba Laptops FN+F5 keys. Hold down FN and press on F5 until you get video on the external monitor.
  • On IBM laptops use FN+F7.
  • On Dell Laptops FN+F8.
  • On HP laptops use FN+F4.
  • Other laptops, connect The laptop and to an External Monitor then restart the laptop so the external monitor is detected.

White Screen Occurs of poor connection between the video cable and the LCD screen. If you want to check this connection, you’ll have to take apart the display panel because the connector is located on the back side of the LCD screen. If the Video Cable is Disconnected Reconnect the video cable if it is lost, tighten its connection. Hope I could help you with your problem. Cheers!

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An good computer, drop, keep, buy new one?


Hi Alexander,

  • I will give you some reason why laptop LCD screen turned white.
  • First the video cable and the LCD screen must be lost.
  • Second the LCD must be defective.
  • Third the motherboard is defective.
  • If you know how to open your laptop, then go check the video cable form the video to the LCD screen, unplug it and gently return to its proper connector, make sure its attach firmly.
check the video cable form the video to the LCD screen
  • Now try to boot again your laptop if it’s still showing the white screen then the problem is that the LCD or the motherboard itself has the problem.
  • But I recommend you to return the laptop to the shop. After all, it’s has a warranty.

Hope this help.

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