Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows update windows Vista errors.

Some updates were not installed-Failed 1 update.

It says "Some updates were not installed".

Failed 1 update.

Code C355 Windows update encountered an unknown error.

Try again and I repeatedly tried but does not succeed. I think its a important patch and was not successful updating it.

Any help is useful.

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Hello everybody,

I am here to get a clue for the solution of the issue, which I am facing with my monitor. The issue can be described as that the resolution of my monitor is getting changed automatically. Therefore, whenever I set my favorite resolution and better one, it automatically varies after shutting down or restarting windows. I have got installed Windows Vista on my computer and am not been successful to handle this issue.

I have tried each of my tricks for whom I have knowledge but none of them appears as asset for me to solve this problem.

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My name is Yoni and I got stuck with a really bad problem. I play so many online games, more than five, and I got problem. I have a Windows Vista, and every time I login a game, my computer just gets stuck. I don't know why, maybe because I got many files on my computer or is it because of the Windows Vista? I am trying to ask myself that, and I really want to fix that problem.

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I am using remote desktop to login to my office computer. I have a set of files on my USB disk. How do I access the files within remote desktop ?

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Whenever I insert a blank CD-Rom.

Windows Vista asks me what type of a CD to create.

Why is this ?

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I found a simple way of replacing my windows vista to windows XP, right now all drivers are working and observing if any problem would occur, but I still have a question specially to Mr. Kurt Hansen.

1. Would changing from SATA to IDE affect my laptop in terms of performance, computing etc?

Acer 4720z,1.73MHz Dual Core, 2 GB RAM.

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I have a laptop Acer Aspire 4720z running a Pre installed windows vista, can I replace my windows vista with windows XP? Would there be any problem if i do that in terms of hardware and software, specially the drivers. I don't like to dual boot the system because it use to much hard disk space and I don't want to use any virtual machine. I have tried several times but i had no success. Can I really replace my operating system? I need help please.

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I have accidently deleted a file! I want to recover it! I do not know how to do it! Please help!

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I'd like to know If I can edit some of my PDF files to a document file to be able to edit it.

I need to do it asap and needs help about it.

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