Boot up problem with Windows Vista.

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I have this problem for 4 months now. My windows Vista wouldn't boot up on the system. It shows different error messages at different times. There are two error messages:

1. Memory error ( 3blinks)
2. BIOS error( 2blinks)

I went to the expert and servicing else. They fixed the problem and commented that was happening due to overheating. They adjust 2 GB into the first slot. Then there was no problem. But the problem has recurred again. I bought two memory chips(2 GB and 1 GB). But this new memory chip cannot fix this problem.

It is HP Pavilion Dm4-1160us.

If anyone help me I will be grateful to you.

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Boot up problem with Windows Vista.


Hi there, Mikki here.

Looking at your situation here, all I can say is there really is a problem with the fanning of your system which is probably why it is causing your memory to function improperly. My advice would be to do something about the overheating issue first before switching cards, if possible add a fan to your system or place your system into a nice cool place that won't make your computer overheat.

If you want, you can try monitoring the temperature of your system by using this free utility, make sure that the temperature of your computer is not too hot for the system.

I hope this helps you in your problem.

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Boot up problem with Windows Vista.


Hi Cassie,

Some laptops can suffer overheat problems, especially the most thinly whose can have a difficult air dissipation. Indeed, I can’t figure why your experts didn’t check even the CPU.

You only can try some trick to improve the heat dissipation or setup your CPU to lower frequency clock, in order to spend less energy and, accordingly, less heat went dissipated.

1) Go to your BIOS Setup and set a minor clock. You can also use the “Energy Tool” of your Windows control panel and set an energy saving profile.

2) Get a can of compressed air and blow from the grids of your laptop. Your problem can be caused by the accumulated dust on your CPU fan.

If you have disassembling skills, open your laptop, clean it and verify the heat sink and fan of your CPU.

Hope it helps.

Good luck.

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