Windows Failed to Start and Needs Windows Installer Disc

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My Acer laptop has installed Vista 32-Bit Home Edition but it is not booting. It shows command prompt in the start which ask me to press F8.

After pressing F8 it directed to the Safe Mode option.

Whenever I select the Safe Mode, this error occurred “Windows Failed to start as a recent Hardware or Software is changed. Insert Windows installer Disc.”  Then tried to reinstall the Window in my computer.
But unfortunately I don’t know why it has no original installer.
To restore the original setting of his laptop can I apply the recovery Disc?
By doing this my problem will be resolved or not?
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Windows Failed to Start and Needs Windows Installer Disc


Hi Aaric,

That is the most common issue that most computer users are having. One of the main reason why you encountered a problem such as "Windows failed to start. . ." error message are caused by Windows update that automatically download updates in your system (if it sets automatically), improper shutdown, or recent apps and programs download that made some changes on your PC (might be SW or HW).

Now the solution is, if your computer has a hidden partition and can access system restore outside the Operating System definitely you can access system restore. When you go to F8, you can try LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION option as well and see if that will work. But if the Acer laptop doesn't have that feature I may suggest to find the exact Recovery Media/Disc for the PC. Using a Recovery Disc will definitely wipe out everything on the PC so don't expect that the Documents and Files saved on the PC can be retrieve after the recovery. Another thing is that, the recovery Disc is the best way to RESTORE your PC back to the original factory settings or configurations.

Good Confuguration

I hope I answered you question.

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