Windows Vista

Windows Vista

I'm trying to search for a certain file (it's an invoice) but have no luck searching for it. Can you share some tips or suggestions to help find a file in Windows Vista?

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  • 12 votes

I have Windows Vista Home Premium but I cannot run Aero. What should I do?

  • 6 answers
  • 11 votes

I get a black screen upon boot up and it gives me an error message about a  "LogonUI.exe application error". I am not computer savvy and I don't know what to do. Can someone help?

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  • 10 votes

I need help in burning Windows Vista OS on a CD. I have used a number of blank CDs already to burn it but when I try to install it says "_ _ _ _start boot from CD". What am I doing wrong? I already used application such as Nero but to no avail. Please help!

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  • 10 votes

Is there anyone experienced using the window vista here? I want to try window vista but first to know if it is nicely to use than Windows XP. Please share your experience to me.

  • 6 answers
  • 10 votes

I need help! I booted and put CD software in and it still didn't work. What am I doing wrong? It took me 7 hours to do.

  • 8 answers
  • 10 votes

How to fix Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista?

  • 3 answers
  • 11 votes

I am a Windows Vista user.

If I run an application which uses non unicode Japanese characters.

I get only some strange things on the screen instead.

How can I get this fixed ?

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  • 20 votes

I want to upgrade my old Microsoft Windows 98 operating system to Windows Vista.

I have enough disk space to install Vista, but I also need 800 megahertz to run Vista on my computer.

Is there a way to increase my Megahertz so I can run Vista?

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  • 11 votes

I want help to find the OS serial no on my vista and few windows XP machines can anyone help me to find this.

Free tools or scripts

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  • 2 votes

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