Laptop is not booting after uninstalling Linux

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I am Working on Windows 7. I had to run some commands of Linux. So, I did a partition in my hard disk to install Linux Ubuntu and as my work for it was over, I removed it. But after removing it my laptop is not booting up, what should I do? It is not showing any bootup error or what. It just doesn't boot up. Please help.

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Laptop is not booting after uninstalling Linux


This is really confusing. It’s hard to understand if you are installing Linux on an external hard drive or you partitioned your internal hard drive to install Linux there. Anyway, if you want to install Linux on your computer to allow you to boot between Windows 7 and Linux, make sure all procedures are followed correctly because if there is a mistake in the process, your Windows 7 may not work.

If your laptop boots originally on Microsoft Windows 7, to install Linux on the same physical hard drive you need to create a separate partition for Linux and format it using the default partition for Linux. Also, when you create another partition beside drive C, you need to keep an eye on which partition is active and which is not.

If you have 2 partitions for Windows 7 and Linux, both partitions cannot be active at the same time. Only 1 partition should be set to active. You see, when a partition is set to active, it is automatically set as drive C by default. So, if you have 2 operating systems on your computer, only 1 partition should be active to have a proper cycle.

If you set both partitions to active, the system will be confused and may not boot properly because both partitions will appear as drive C. If you have 2 operating systems, you should select which operating system is selected by default on the startup menu. If Windows 7 is selected by default, when you select Linux, the system will deactivate the partition for Windows 7 and will activate the partition for Linux and then start the computer.

And then when you reboot, it will reset back to Windows 7 in the menu and the cycle continues. In your case, since you said your laptop is no longer booting, you should check if the partition for Windows 7 has been deactivated and the partition for Linux is activated. Deactivate the partition for Linux and then set the partition for Windows 7 to active.

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