Debian Linux Error Log Files too Big

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I am not very much familiar with using an OS Linux server. I already experienced hardware failure which made me panic.

So I want to make sure all will be recorded before problems like that happen again.

I want to know how to check Linux Error Log Files under Cento or Debian type of server.

I already checked mine, and it was too big.

It is several megabytes bigger. Is there anything I can do to make it look smaller? 


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Debian Linux Error Log Files too Big



I know what are facing, and that can be very frustrating if it is your first time with log files but, know an administrator under normal circumstances will need to see only the last few lines in the concerned log file, because log file will track all the activity that take place in your system they can be very enormous, so the best to check them is to use the "tail" command, by default the "tail" command will show only the last 10 lines of your log files, if you need to check all the log file you can still use the less command which will allow to check the log file as you do with a book , page by page, it very handy.

Hope this helps.



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