Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux

While trying to install Ubuntu, I had no issues. Now I have also installed openVPN for Ubuntu. I have got all the certifications from internet and also successfully prepared the client CONFIG file. But, i am facing problem when I try to open the VPN from the Ubuntu terminal. I am failing to connect to the installed openVPN server. This also happens when I try to open the openVPN as a daemon service. The client is unable to connect and services are failing to run. Where to find logs from daemon start of openVPN?

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How to save history log of opened windows and executed scripts in gnome? can i use gnome activity journal? How to use gnome activity journal to retrieve the list faithfully? I have skimmed through the gnome deployment guide. But unable to find out the reason for not able to retrieve the list. What is apparmor? Can I use it to save the opened windows in previous sessions? How to make use of apparmor? Anybody please share the sample code and steps to accomplish this.

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I want to create a utility which performs the functions of dwm but not the way presently it is. When i press quit key, irrespective of unsaved files, opened and edited notes, the quit function kills all of them instantly. is there a way to apply a script or a wrapper to avoid killing entire tasks in one instant? When the user presses quit button, how to display the unsaved list of files to the user? atleast how to retrieve the list of files which are getting affected?

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I would like you to answer these questions related to Ubuntu Touch OS:

1. From which store should we download apps for UTOS?

2. How to install UTOS over Android?

3. Do Android apps run on UTOS?

4. Does virus problem exists in UTOS?

5. Please upload some screenshots of UTOS.

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I have connected a Micro SD Card to my PC and my PC currently has Ubuntu installed in it. When I formatted the SD Card, the OS provided me a message:

"Files deleted successfully."

However, many files haven't been deleted from the SD Card. What may have caused this error? How to fix this error?

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I'm having a problem with Ubuntu 14.04. I downloaded Ubuntu from its official site and burned all files to a disk. When I try to boot my PC using the disk, I get the error:

“Failed to load COM32 file menu.c32”

How can I fix this error? Don't suggest me to download a new copy of the OS.


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I'm running Ubuntu on my laptop and I have over 100 folders named 'Office' on my laptop. I want to move all the folders to another location and merge them all. How can I do this? Should I be using the terminal or should I do it manually? Please suggest me the fastest way.

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I have installed Ubuntu on my PC and I want to login to my administrator account via terminal to use the network settings. What should I do to login using my administrator account on Ubuntu after boot? How to use the terminal properly? Please include screenshots with your answer if possible.


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I'm using Ubuntu these days and the CPU usage of Ubuntu is quite low. I want to find out the disk path of any process on Ubuntu and delete the files related to unnecessary to boost my PC.

1. How can I find the disk path of a process on Ubuntu?

2. Is there any software to do this?



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Skype is owned by Microsoft, no doubt at all. I know that Skype can be downloaded from its official store but it provides the .exe file which cannot be used on Ubuntu. On the other hand, using Wine is also equally very tough. How can I install Skype on Ubuntu 14.04?

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