Help needed for Error 678

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I  would appreciate any help with regard to my issue. My modem and computer are properly linked through ethernet connection and all my hardware devices are working properly,  but I keep getting the window with error 678. I have checked everything: modem lights, cable, password for my broadband connection. I even tried manually typing in the IP address. I need advice on what are other things I need to check on or what else could be causing this error?

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Error Connecting to cable

Connecting through WAN Miniport (PPP0E)…

Error 678: The remote computer did not respond. For further assistance, click More Info or search Help and Support Center for this error number.

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Help needed for Error 678


Error code 678 appears when:

  • The network cable was disconnected or broken
  • The modem has been turned off
  • The modem driver was corrupted
  • Spyware is running and interfering with the connection
  • Winsock needs repair
  • A third-party firewall software blocks the connection

To solve the error code 678:

  • Check and make sure your network cable is working and connected
  • Enable the network adapter
  • Restart your modem
  • Uninstall then reinstall the modem driver through Device Manager
  • Create a new DSL connection
  • Fix Winsock and your TCP/IP
  • Temporarily disable or uninstall any third-party firewalls
  • Scan and remove all spyware and adware

For step-by-step procedures to fix the error code 678, you may visit

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Help needed for Error 678


That error is very familiar. I encounter that back in the days when I was still using a prepaid internet service using a 3G mobile broadband USB stick. You will receive that error when your subscription or internet subscription is over and you try to connect to the internet using a USB broadband stick.

If you are using a USB broadband dongle, try checking if your subscription is still valid. That error is thrown back because the server doesn’t respond when you try to connect to the service due to invalid subscription. If you are subscribed on a monthly volume, check that you still have available data in your volume and you haven’t consumed your entire volume yet.

If you already consumed your entire monthly volume and you still have several days before the refresh date, your internet connection will be cut off until the refresh date. If you still have a valid subscription or remaining volume, try transferring the USB stick to another USB port. Use all available USB ports to troubleshoot the problem.

Also, check that your USB stick receives a good signal in your location. If you have a low signal reception, transfer to another location or use a USB extension cable to place the USB stick on a much higher spot to receive a strong signal.

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