A required .DLL file, OLEACC.DLL was not found

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Hello guys,

Every time I try to connect to the Internet this error message appears on my desktop. I click OK and my connection get lost. I reinstalled my Windows for this error and I am angry because I still have it. Can anyone of you experts can help me solving this error? What is happening with my PC?


Error Starting Program

A required .DLL file, OLEACC.DLL was not found


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A required .DLL file, OLEACC.DLL was not found


If you already reinstalled Microsoft Windows then this error will surely disappear already. But since it appeared again, I’m sure it is from one of your programs that you installed after reinstalling Microsoft Windows. If you immediately installed several programs after reinstalling Microsoft Windows, try uninstalling them again and leave the operating system as it is just like after reinstalling it with only the default applications.

When this is done, try connecting your computer to the internet and see if it works. If you can no longer connect, try reinstalling Microsoft Windows. Format the hard drive or the system drive and install Microsoft Windows again. Install necessary drivers for your devices such as for the network card, video card, and others but don’t install applications yet.

Once all required drivers are installed, connect your computer to the internet and see if it is successful. Use the default Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse some websites. If this is successful, install your applications one at a time and connecting to the internet after every application is installed. This is to check which application causes the error. If you still get the error on the same missing DLL file, download the file from oleacc.dll File Download.

Once it is downloaded, unpack the ZIP file and copy the DLL file in “C:WINDOWSsystem32”. See if this works.

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