Need to make my PC Fast

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My desktop s working slowly. If i reset the CMOS battery then it work fast for few days and again it become slow after 2 or 3 days. Its getting HANG if i command to open file or any software.

what can i do?

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Need to make my PC Fast


Good day. Regarding your concern, I think its memory is almost full. You should delete some unimportant files and empty your recycle bin. If it doesn't work, check for the hard disk space. It should be above 15%. You must also check and keep up to date your antivirus to prevent malwares to damage your system. I hope it will help. Thank you.

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Need to make my PC Fast


There are a number of guidelines that you can follow to make your PC run faster.

1. You need first to remove spyware from your PC because it collects information from your computer without needing your permission slowing down your computer in the process.

2. You can then free up the disk space by deleting the files that you do not need especially temporary internet files. You can also delete some of the programs that you had installed that you no longer need. Empty the recycle bin after doing this.

3. You can also download a windows utility software called Disk Fragmenter that will rearrange the fragmented files in your PC making their access much more easier. Ensure that you run the Disk Fragmenter regularly with the least option being once a week.

4. An Error Check Utility also available from the Microsoft website can help identify and also repair any disk errors that may be slowing down your computer.

5. If you are a windows 7 or windows Vista user, you can use a software called ReadyBoost that will ensure that the speed of your PC is greatly enhanced.

6. You can lastly upgrade your OS to windows 7 if the above guidelines don't seem to work.

I hope this will be of help in making your PC run faster.

Josphat Minja.

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Need to make my PC Fast


Hi Shohidur,

 If you are using Microsoft Windows here are some steps it might help to make your computer fast:

1.) Delete every file that you don't need.

2.) Remove or disable any startup programs that automatically start each time the computer boots.

3.) Keep the hard disk free space above 15% or atleast 200-500MB of free hard disk drive space.

4.) Empty your recycling bin

5.) Keep Windows up to date, make sure you have all the latest Windows updates installed in the computer.

6.) Do a Disk Cleanup, go to my computer right click the drive and go to properties click disk cleanup. It will analyze your disk and open a window which you can chose what to deletes.

7.) Do a disk Defragment, to help ensure that the data is arranged in the best possible order.

8.) Install a good spyware scanner, malware and spyware is big cause of many computer problems including a slow computer.

9.) Add additional RAM, we suggest at a minimum the computer have 1GB of memory.

10.) And then Reboot your computer.

If your computer is older than five years come to terms that it is likely the age of the computer that is causing it to be slow. Computers progress at an alarming rate as new programs and updates for programs come out their minimum requirements increase and will cause older computers to slow down. If your computer is older than five years we suggest purchasing a new computer or just realize it is going to run slow because it is old. I hope this will help.

Thank you


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Need to make my PC Fast


1. You need anti virus to clean up your PC

    Recommend Avast or Nod32 very helpful

2. check your Folders

3. Delete unnecessary file or documents

4. Upgrade your Os to Window 7 or window 8

5 Update your Specification of your PC if your device is not the latest on the market

Well glad I could help you.


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Need to make my PC Fast


Good day Shohidur!

Here is the general solution for your slow pc problem.

1. Did you install two anti-virus programs on your pc? If so, remove the other one. Installing two antivirus programs on a pc will really slow down system performance since the two programs has conflicting issues with regards to their functions. The two will either block each other and will use or scan the same process at the same time that will slow down and later on will crash the system.

After a successful removal of other antivirus software, restart and scan your system with the antivirus that you have chosen.

2. Check your disk space. Remove unimportant files and uninstall unnecessary programs.

3. Run disk defragmentation. Defragmentation will rearrange files and data and reunites fragmented data on your hard drive in order for the system to run smoothly and efficiently.

4. You can also upgrade your memory but make sure to check your operating system on how much memory it can support.

5. Run a check disk program on your pc. This process will check your hard drive for errors and verify the integrity of the files. Bad sectors on the hard drive prevent the system for the access and retrieval of the files. If the program detects bad sectors, consider replacing your hard drive.

6. Update your windows.  By automating windows update, you can make your life easier since your computer will automatically download these updates when you are connected to internet. These updates will often increase your system performance.

7. Finally, if you have tried all of these suggestions and still your computer’s performance did not improve, try reformatting your computer and choose the right operating system in which your hardware can manage and carry.

Hope these suggestions help.  May the force be with you!

Joe Mark Pineda              

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Need to make my PC Fast


You can remove this problem easily; you just need to remove spyware. It requires some help to protect your computer from viruses. To protect your system from malware, spyware or malicious software, I will recommend you that you must download Microsoft Security Essentials. It is freely provided by Microsoft. Here some other solutions that may help you to fix such type of problems.

  • Perform a disk cleanup your hard disk. It will also improve the computer’s performance.
  • To optimize the performance of your computer also try Disk Defragmenter.
  • Also run the “Error Checking utility” to check the integrity of the files stored on your hard drive.

Above solutions are recommended for Windows XP.  For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, use the “Ready Boost” to speed up your system. A new concept is that you can add a USB flash drive or a memory card in memory to a system, it also improves performance without having to add additional memory.

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