4 GB Pareema DD3-1333 MD313C80809L2

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The memory controller on Celeron's G530 is limiting data rates to 1066/MT/s.

Has anyone tried under clocking this RAM?

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4 GB Pareema DD3-1333 MD313C80809L2


Underclocking is not so common, people are always trying to overclock cpu, gpu and memory. But in some cases underclocking is solution for cpu, gpu and memory to work cooler and last longer.

With memory you can also have better timings at lower frequencies and in that way you can achieve a better memory bandwidth.

Your memory  Pareema DDR3-1333

Has the following specification:

Cas Latency:9


Multi-channel Kit:Dual Channel Kit




And with little voltage overclock to 1.6V it’s working rock solid with the following timings: CL 6-6-6-14

Of course you can leave your memory at default voltage and timings and your memory will work without any problem at 1066.

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4 GB Pareema DD3-1333 MD313C80809L2


Underclocking is very uncommon since I think nobody wants to make his or her computer slow. What I’m more familiar is with overclocking where the processor’s speed is raised beyond its normal level.

This process extremely decreases the processor’s life. Since underclocking is the total opposite of overclocking I’m not sure if there are people who already tried to do this on their machines.

Overclocking is usually done on the processor to raise the default speed. If your CPU is limiting the supposed speed of the memory card, I think the best way to deal with this is to replace the CPU with the one that will allow the default speed of the RAM card.

There are motherboards that allow changing the clock speed of the processor to overclock it but I’m not sure if this will remove the memory card’s speed limit.

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