Top 10 No-use Real-time Gadgets On Earth

The world is revolving with multiple advanced technologies and devices that help humans reduce effort and helps in finishing things quicker. Yet, some less-use gadgets might interest you to read. Check out the following top 10 no-use real-time technologies that are present on earth:


iPotty is from CTA Digital for 18 months and above children for the potty training. The lightweight iPotty is 43 pounds and has an arm to hold the Apple iPad. You can keep the iPad either vertical or horizontal position. While using the device, the child can learn something or the other before their potty training. The inner bowl is removable, and a shield protects the touch screen from moisture. Yet, this technology is not quite considerable among parents since children get exposed to early screen time.


Poma is a wearable PC from Xybernaut that runs on Windows CE. At present, the wearable PC does not work on rainy days. The system was once useful before the wireless internet technology was available. Now, with the advent of high-tech devices and fast internet systems, the tech seems to be out of use and is also notably expensive for its worth.


Wheel Surf is the latest high-tech and motorized monowheel vehicle available a decade back. Wheel Surf has a 1.5 horsepower engine and fiberglass inner frame to sit. A finger throttle is present to increase or reduce the speed. If you fill half gallon tank, it will run for two hours. With the advent of self-driving cars and jet-speed vehicles, this technology is quite behind of our present state of innovation.


One of the no-use high-tech gadgets is Remote Control Cushion that replaces your TV remote. The remote control pillow is compatible with more than 500 devices. While you are not using the tech as a remote, you can take rest on it. It is of no use for many individuals since both remote and the idea of using a pillow is advanced in today’s world with several new beneficial technologies.


Denso, the giant-looking shoes, can suck dirt and debris from the floor while walking. The vacuum motor inside the shoes collects filth when it takes power from the gear and pedal arrangements. The ‘ecology’ concept of the shoes won the first prize in the 2017 consumer electronics show. Yet, when someone can clean a shoe on their own, automation for cleaning shoes is a bit too much to use in general.


Hushme Voice Mask wraps around the user’s mouth and helps them speak without disturbing others and protects their speech privacy. The device comes with preset sound options like monkey, squirrel, and minion. So, nearby people around the user can hear the set animal sounds only. But it annoys people in a few cases and might even make a few unhappy.


Robostir is a tripod that has a silicone foot and, when placed inside a pot or a pan, acts as a mechanical oscillator. The device works based on doing a task such as mixing liquids or balancing the consistency of a dish continuously. Yet, the gadget is of no-use since individuals with the pace of working fast, tend to feel Robostir does all the things gradually, thus to put it straight, wasting precious time unwontedly.


The fun and intuitive Smart Salt Dispenser “Smalt” is the world’s first ‘Interactive Centerpiece’, and it dispenses the correct amount of salt through your mobile phone app. It can play music via Bluetooth Speakers and also offers multi-colored mood lightings. If a person is already proficient in cooking and adding the right amount of ingredients is no big deal for them, this dispenser is of no use at such instances. Beginners, however, can learn accurate slating with this technology.


The Smart Water Bottles have built-in Bluetooth speakers and every-hour glowing reminders. You can keep your favorite tune as a reminder. The vacuum seal technology of the smart bottle maintains the drinking temperature, whether cold or warm. The bottles are BPA-Free, leak-proof, and durable, and they also fit into your backpack. Still, with the support of mobile alarms and other reminder applications, this bottle is a bit no-use.


Withings Hair Coach is the world’s first smart hairbrush that gives data about the health of the hair, brushing quality, and suggestions about better combing methods. The brush comes with multiple sensors, transducers, and microphones to calculate the brushing patterns and strokes. Though hair coach may be an unwanted technology, this gadget has a collaboration of Withings and cosmetic companies like L’Oreal and Kerastase. Though it might be useful for rare cases, general use cannot be considered from this hair coach.


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