Top 10 Free Help Desk Software Tools

Help Desk Software is a program that enables users to keep track of user requests and deals. This software is a type of umbrella category that includes asset management and IT service management. In other words, the help desk software is a tool that addresses customer queries. Any Help Desk software consists of three main parts, Ticket Management, Automation Suite, and Reporting or Optimization. There are multiple perks and advantages of using the help desk software. It automates various tasks, like ticket prioritization, ticket categorization, ticket routing, ticket status management, and many more. The following are the top ten smart and popular Help Desk Software tools, along with their peculiarities.

1. HubSpot’s Service Hub:

HubSpot’s Service Hub is one of the most popular and powerful help desk software tools. This tool offers a complete suite to engage customers with marketing and sales. The features encompassed in this software tool are highly smart and sturdy. They include ticketing, customer feedback, live charm knowledge base, conversational bots, conversational dashboard, automation and routing, email scheduling, email templates, email sequences, meeting scheduling, phone and email support, contact management, and many other features. It comes with three plans, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan requires $50 per month; the Professional is available at $40 per month, and the Enterprise at $1,200 per month.

2. Agiloft:

Agiloft is another fully-featured and sturdy help desk software tool. This software tool is best suited for medium-sized and large-sized businesses that require robust automation. The Agiloft help desk software has won the “Editor’s Choice Award” five times. It is compatible to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Agiloft is a cloud-based and web-based application. The features of this application include completion tracking, compliance tracking, contract lifecycle management, electronic signature, full-text search, pre-built templates, specialty contracts, version management, workflow management, etc. There is a free version available. The paid version starts from $65.00 per month. It also incorporates straining modules, like webinars, documentation, a live online session, and in-person assistance.

3. Jira Service Desk:

Another fully-equipped and sturdy help desk software tool is the Jira Service Desk. This application is flexible and easy to use. It offers the best user experience through its attractive interface. The Jira Service Desk software is an intuitive ITIL-certified ITSM solution software tool. The features of this software tool include request management, self-service portal, knowledge base, legal service agreements, agent queues, CSAT reporting, incident management, automation, supports more than 200 integrations, problem management, reporting, change management, configurable workflows, asset management, knowledge management, knowledge reports and scoring, robust API, etc. This software serves as the no. 1 most affordable ITSM solution for all types of businesses.

4. Spiceworks:

Spiceworks is an open-source and free help desk software tool that incorporates more sturdy features in it. This software tool has millions of IT experts and thousands of tech vendors in one place. The Spiceworks software tool is one of the most trusted and most-used applications across the world. The features of this software tool include inventory management, network monitoring, connectivity dashboard, and mobile-friendly. As it is a mobile-friendly application, it supports Android as well as iOS devices. This tool can create and view alerts for Windows events. It also monitors access bandwidth, tracks disk space, software installs, anti-virus subscriptions, etc.

5. Freshdesk:Freshdesk is another help desk software tool that is fully-equipped and robust application. This application has the best-in-class ticketing feature that enables users to sort, prioritize, and resolve customer issues. It supports an omnichannel help desk that provides support across email, phone, chat, and social media platforms. Additionally, it has built-in reports to track team performance, customer satisfaction, and identify the bottlenecks. Users can improve the productivity of their businesses by automating repetitive and mundane tasks. Freshdesk software tool supports the integration of more than 150 applications. Users can take advantage of a 21-day free trial period. It comes with five packages, Free, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest.

6. SysAid:

SysAid is another more powerful and robust management solution for IT companies and enterprises. This application is best suited for medium-scale as well as large-scale businesses and enterprises. The features encompassed in this software tool enables users to carry out the business processes in a simplified manner. The features of the SysAid application include escalation rules, asset management, routing rules, barcode scanning, and auditing, creating tickets from emails, help desk, fully responsive, customizable interface, change management, problem management, REST and SOAP, Trello and Slack add-ons, and many other advanced traits. It offers a free trial period for some specific days.

7. osTicket:osTicket is one of the popular and easy to use help desk software tools. This software tool is a mobile application. This software tool has more advanced features encompassed in it. They include custom fields, custom columns, and queues, ticket filters, help topics, agent collision avoidance, assign, transfer, referral, auto-responder, thread action, service-level agreements, customer portal, advanced search, to-do lists for agents, etc. osTicket application comes with three editions, Open-source, Cloud-hosted, and Enterprise Appliances. The Free version only supports email integration. The Cloud-hosted edition is available at $9 per month for each agent. It incorporates extraordinary features than the Free edition.

8. ngDesk:ngDesk is another easy to use help desk software for ticket management. The features incorporated in this software tool are highly powerful and robust. The features include multiple support channels, automated notifications, centralized ticketing inbox, pre-made responses, customizable workflows, auto-escalate tickets for prompt action, managing agent schedules, intuitive knowledge base tools, instant collaboration using live chats, time tracking options, customized modules, chatbots, and many others. It also supports requests from WhatsApp, SMS, Emails, Chats, and Facebook. It has three distinct editions, ngDesk Cloud, Team, and Enterprise. The ngDesk Cloud edition is available freely. The Team edition charges $4 per month, and the Enterprise charges $7 per month.

9. Hesk:

Hesk is another easy to user and free help desk software tool that offers surprising features to the users. The Hesk software tool is a cloud-based application. Its revolutionary features include help desk, asset management, reports, analytics, and many others. This application is used by thousands of vendors to track, organize, and resolve customer issues. It has a powerful knowledge base integration that reduces the number of support requests. Additionally, Hesk is an effective and simple software used by more than 600,000 users and enterprises. It offers faster response time that keeps customers happy and satisfied.

10. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus:
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is another successful and robust IT help desk software tool. This software tool is used and trusted by more than 100,000 businesses and enterprises. The features incorporated in this software offer a more simplified way to run any business. Its features include inventory management, problem management, change management, asset management, CMDB, service catalog, powerful reporting, IT project management, and many others. The ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus software comes with three sturdy editions, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Standard edition is available at $8 per month, the Professional at $16 per month, and the Enterprise at $41 per month.


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