Top 10 Best Download Manager Software For Windows

Download Manager software, as its name suggests, is a software tool used for Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems to manage the files downloading from the internet. The main function of this tool is it enables users to make the downloading of files faster, easier, and reliable. Also, users can use this software to detect the files that have been freshly created or updated. All download managers have accelerators, which speeds up the downloading of any file from the internet. The following are the top ten download manager software tools with their features.

JDownloader2:JDownloader2 is one of the admired and best download manager software tools. However, the great advantage of using this tool is it is more efficient an open-source software tool. This download management software tool has multiple users, and it enables them to download files easily and fastly. Users can perform various operations, like start, stop, pause downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives, and many other operations. Additionally, it can check how the downloads are doing, add links o LinkGrabber, monitor clipboard for links, notifies about captchas and solve them, etc.

Internet Download Manager:

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager that assists users in downloading any files from the internet easily and quickly. Also, it can download multiple files and file segments simultaneously. Users can also pause and resume downloading a file with a single click. Additionally, IDM can also recover broken downloads from unexpected power shutoff or network issues. This software tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Users are allowed to download the file from the Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Every week, the new version of this tool is updated automatically.

Ninja Download Manager:

Ninja Download Manager is yet another best and popular software tool used to download the file from the internet with an easier and quicker method. This tool is specially designed for fast downloading purposes, sequential downloads, and download scheduling. But, the interface of this software is not appealing to its users. The features of this application include it prevents from happening, enables users to pause and resume downloads at any time, can manage downloads of files from several resources with high speed and reliability. Additionally, users can schedule downloads, set download priorities, control speed limit, sequential downloading, etc.

Free Download Manager:

Free Download Manager, as its name indicates, is an open-source download manager software tool. There are multiple features incorporated in this tool. It supports downloading files using the BitTorrent protocol. The best part of this tool is it supports enhanced audio and video files downloading. Once you download the audio and video files, you can convert them into the desired format. The FDM splits a single file into several segments and downloads it simultaneously. Doing this will improve the downloading speed, and It can also resume downloading of the broken files due to the automatic shutoff of the PC or due to network issues.


EagleGet is one of the desired and popular download manager software tools used widely. This software tool is referred to as an All-in-One downloader. It offers multiple revolutionary features. EagleGet software tool increases download speed extensively. It uses advanced multi-threaded technology that enables any file to download at a greater speed. Users can also schedule and manage downloading jobs. Additionally, users can sort downloads, implement speed limiting techniques, etc. The best part of this tool is it supports all popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE. This tool has got an automatic malware checker and file integrity verifier.


uGet is an open-source, cross-platform download manager software tool. This tool is compatible to work with major Linux distributions, Microsoft Windows, and macOS operating systems. It is portable and highly flexible. uGet download manager is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Through this application, users can resume downloads from the servers that support resuming. Also, users can download the batch of files at a time. They can also sequentially download files that can download files in multi-parts, etc. It supports a large number of protocols, like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink.

Xtreme Download Manager:

Xtreme Download Manager is another best open-source download manager software tool. This software tool can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. This software allows users to download files at maximum possible speed. However, this application is much faster than the Internet Download Manager. This is the powerful and fully-featured tool that can enhance the downloading speed up to 500%. Users can resume downloads, pause the download, download the broken file due to network issues, etc. It is reliable and easy to use. This tool can be integrated with any web browser and can automatically intercept download links.

iDownload Manager:iDownload Manager is a powerful and small download manager software tool. This tool is specially designed for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Users can get this application form Windows Store and don’t have to set-up anything. Just click on the install button, and it will be installed on the system. This tool incorporates all the basic features of downloading. It can resume and pause the download, download the broken file, batch downloading, prioritizing downloading, bandwidth allocations, splitting of files and downloading them simultaneously, etc. It can integrate with all popular browsers and supports automatic file management system.

Internet Download Accelerator:

Internet Download Accelerator is a software tool that is used to increase the speed of the downloading files. This software tool supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. It uses multi-threading technology. When a user downloads any file, this application splits that file into several segments and download those segments simultaneously. This application can integrate with popular browsers, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, Safari, Vivaldi, etc. Also, this software uses the bandwidth of the internet connection more effectively and efficiently.

Free Rapid Downloader:

Free Rapid Downloader is another top download manager software tool that uses Java downloader. It supports downloading files from Rapidshare, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, and many other file-sharing services. The features of this tool include background downloading, global enable and disable of downloads, resume and pause downloads, verification of every download, supports URL director links, browser integration with three methods, can navigate files in the RapidShare account, download and share the links, etc. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.


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