Neuralink And The Brain’s Magical Future

Today’s topic is base on what that has not been discussed among the people lately. We are going to talk about Neurons their links between each other and with other parts of the brain as well as the magical future of our ever developing and advancing brain.

The human brain has advanced so much in the past few years that it is nearly impossible to even think of how backward and mindless people existed a long time back.

The language and the state of mind could be guessed by this: The sound of rock for men at that time was not actually the rock itself but a symbol kind of an expression of the rock, this meant it was a sound that was referred to as the rock.

The early human had invented the language,  so till 50,000 BC, there were words for all kinds of things. The neocortex is held responsible to turn humans into magicians, not only it made possible for the humans to think but convert the thoughts into symbols vibrations that could be interpreted.

People belonging to various generations starting from the early age started becoming smarter and smarter and the reason was discussions, exchange of notes, implementations of new as well as advanced techniques.

Well, very few know there are two minds the subconscious and the conscious mind, the conscious mind the mind that gives reasons makes decisions and the subconscious is the one which works on the ideals of the conscious mind. It was then said and now understood that the intelligence of the subconscious mind could lead humanity to wonders, there have been rock solid proofs that show how a person experiences what he thinks of.

A negative thinker will attract negative ideas, people and whatsoever is a negative and positive thinker or the optimist will do and experience the exact opposite.

Neurons are nasty and form a humongous network of wires and exchange charges and send a message to various organs of the body, it is so much for a common man to believe what all happens inside the brain and if not in the whole body.

As for example to show the mental intelligence in the early 90’s we taught the machine brains a way to connect to each other and share whole loads of information between each other popularly known by everyone as the World Wide Web.

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is not much different from the human brain as both are very tough or entangled to bring it in senses, but the distinction is that humans developed or invented the machine brains but the machine brains can never create humans at least not for few hundred years, there is no doubt -that computer chips work surprisingly faster as compared to humans but we should not forget who created those mechanical brains.

Past of the brain has been so glorious and so is the present and there is nothing wrong in expecting the future to be even more surprising and amazing with the blend of some intelligent brains.

The intelligence does not depend on the size of the brain instead it depends on how frequent we make use of our brain and  if we think and answer every question that we hear of that implies the mind is being  utilized a lot and as a result it becomes smarter by the time, it can be reviewd that to what extent the brain has been used.

I strongly request you to watch the film “Lucy”  once . A brief description is that you will see miracles taking place in the movie with the help of brain, though the movie is based on fiction and is really hard to believe at times but if a few percents of it is true about the majestic powers of mind then my friend you could enter a whole new world of fantasy.


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