Domain name management (World Wide Web (WWW) simply called web)


World Wide Web (WWW) simply called web, is a way to access information over the internet. It is information for sharing or transferring model over the internet. The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used to transfer information.

Web services using HTTP's as a means for communication uses the web to share information. The Web browsers are used to access web documents which are known as websites. The websites contain information in the form of texts, graphics and multimedia's (audio and video).

A domain name is an identity, more specifically a tag that identifies administrative authority over the internet. The Domain Name System (DNS) describes the rules and regulations to form domain names. Registration for a domain name is done by the Domain Name Registrars. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the top level development and hierarchy of the domain name space.

Domain names also provide a simplified and recognizable way to remember the numeric Internet Protocol address (IP address) that is assigned to any device attached to a computer network. The principal function of an IP address is to provide network interface identification and the location/address of the device. Changing the physical location of a device on a computer network causes a change in the IP address which can be translated to similar domain name.

The DNS also associates information with other domain names that are assigned to the devices that are a part of the computer network. The system translates a user friendly domain names to the numerical identifiers that are used for the purpose of addressing and locating the devices on a computer network.

Therefore, Domain Name Registrars administer the registration of domain names. The registrar selects an end user to provide registration services is called the designated registrar. Only the designated registrar is legally responsible to change or delete the information associated with a domain name in the registry database. The Registrars can be switched too. The global IP address space allocation is managed by IANA which along with five regional internet registries that allocates IP address to blocks internet service providers and other entities.

The registrars are ranked and authorized by ICANN (a nonprofit corporation) to register domain names. ICANN manages the development and structural design of the domain name space. It oversees the tasks that were previously performed by other organizations like Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA (which is currently controlled by ICANN) on behalf of the US government.

ICANN is responsible for the management of IP addresses . It also oversee their internet protocol address allocation, autonomous system number allocation and other IP related symbols and numbers. They maintain registries for internet protocol identifiers and manage top level domain name space (domains at the highest level in the internet domain name system like COM). ICANN also addresses the issue of domain name ownership for top level domains. ICANN operated entity IANA is broadly responsible for the allocation of unique names and numbers used for Internet Protocols.

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