Windows Xp Add or Remove programs can’t show some programs

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Hello, I am getting problem in add or remove programs area. I have installed some software Virtual Dj, Adobe Reader, Wamp Server, etc. but Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel listed only two programs. How is it possible? Now I can’t remove any programs. Please help, How to remove programs without reinstall OS? Thank You

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Windows Xp Add or Remove programs can’t show some programs


Hello Calvin!

There are several ways to remove any programs or software that are not listed in your “Add/Remove” program lists.

A. Best and safest way will be accessing the programs in “C:”

B. If you have installation cd for the programs you want to remove.

C. Editing your registry (will not recommend, could cause severe or other problem in editing the vaules).

The easiest and best option is Option #B. Insert the installation cd, you’ll see right away the option “Uninstall” and just follow the on-screen guide. If you don’t have installation cd or you just downloaded it from web, you can do the following steps.

1. Write down the names, titles, manufacturers of the software that you want to uninstall.

2. Once you sorted a list for the software that you want to remove, locate it in Drive C.

3. Go to My Computer. Double click Drive C. Look for Program Files and look for the name of the software or the manufacturers name associated to the software. Most of the time name of the software is name of the folder where you can find “uninstall.exe”. Double click the application and follow the on screen guide to remove software.

The last option that we have, the most difficult and sensitive to do is updating/editing the system registry. This, I will not recommend. Altering your registry might give you more issues. Before jumping in to this option please get more advice aside from the 2 options I nominated and get help from any expert.

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