Need to speed up my system

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I have a 2.6 GHz processor & 3GB RAM.

But after using some days I have to setup my operating system again to speed up my pc.

How can I speed up my system without doing this?

It starts working very slow after some weeks of setup the operating system.

I have used some of the tune up software, but it does not work.

I am so sick of it. What can I do?

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Need to speed up my system


You have to take care of your PC regularly to keep your system smooth. The regular maintenance can lessen your pain. Here is some tips to keep your system smooth.

  1. Always try to keep your Ram as empty as possible. That will help you to speed up your system greatly. Always refresh your desktop after closing any kind of applications. That will empty some memory from RAM.
  2. Never gather a lot of files on the desktop. It also eat up memories of RAM. Remove unused shortcuts from the desktop.
  3. Do not use large size wallpaper or screen saver. Also do not use folder background wallpapers. It makes slow your system.
  4. Defragment your pc minimum one time in a week. It is highly recommended.
  5.  Keep your recycle been empty. Delete temporary files regularly.
  6.  All tune-up software is not good. Tune your system up manually. That will be good rather than use software.
  7. Keep the system drive as empty as possible. It will also help to speed up your system.
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Need to speed up my system


Hi James,

How old is your computer?

Did you check your CPU case lately?

  • You mention that you try some tune up software that you think it can help to make your system run better, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
  • Try checking your hardware specially your processor, it has the possibility that the temperature of the processor not normal that causing your system running slow.
  • Here is the tutorial on how to remove the Exhaust Fan of the processor.

  •  NOTE: Before opening your CPU case, unplug first the power cord in the case.
  • And then touch the case to release all the static charge in your body, for safety purposes.
  • And now that you know how to remove the Fan, do clean it first and remove all the dirt that builds up in the Fan, also clean the lower part of the heat sink to remove the dried thermal grease, also do this in the processor, remove the grease with some cleaning rag
Clean Heat Sink Processor Cleaning

And now apply enough amount of thermal grease on the top of the processor, and put back the exhaust fan on top of the processor.

thermal grease on the top of the processor
  • Now before closing your casing plug first the power cord of the case and do a warm boot, and see if its boot without any problem.
  • If there are no problem encounters, close now the cover of the CPU and observe the performance of your computer, it will run better this time.

Hope this help,


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