I am seeing a short DST test failure

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Hi  Experts,

I am using a Desktop HP 6750 CPU and it is running on Windows XP. And, I already bought a new monitor to work with it. My problem is now with the booting up of my computer. Just to add some details to it, I did not change any configuration in the operating system, all is working fine, until I plugged in a new monitor.

I am encountering a short DST test, which is telling me that the status is fail. I am seeing several errors here aside from the mentioned failure. Error code is 1000-01461 most of the time, but I am seeing this as well 1000- 01411.

Hope someone can help out on what I need to do to fix this.

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I am seeing a short DST test failure


Dear Bill Sutton

First clear that error you mentioned in your question is not relates to your new monitor.

Disk Self Test (DST) is a hard disk drive diagnostic tool which test the hard drive in a computer and error code 1000-01461 and 1000- 01411 relates to hard disk problem. On first priority, you will check your hard drive through scan disk or CHKDSK command and recover your hard drive damage area / missing files, if any.

After checking your hard drive, run a windows XP boot cd and access the recovery console and recover your original windows setting with the help of this disk / console.

Hope your problem will be resolved.

Take care


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I am seeing a short DST test failure



The error might involve the hard drive and is not related to the monitor. You shall try to browse the website of the manufacturer of hard drive and download the diagnostic disk.  Then you shall run the test to look for any bad sectors.  The hard drive is probably failing or already has failed. Alternatively, you can try to pull out the hard drive and return to its former place again.  This may helps.

If the error continues to appear, find a technician to check the hardware and find out the source of error.  

Have a good day.

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