Computer turns off automatically when working

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Hello techyv,

My computer turns off automatically when I work or play or browse. 

I need to start the computer again by pushing Start Button of CPU. 

What should I do to avoid this turn off problem? 


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Computer turns off automatically when working


It's looking like there is problem in your windows partition /driver / virus problem, reinstall your drivers or do these things step by step,   

1st thing you have to do please check your antivirus software, please confirm that's is not out of date and then scan your whole pc file's specially your c drive because viruses always effect on windows files, 2nd  thing repair your pc window or you have to delete partitions and create new partitions that's a good solution for this error.

Sometimes, if problem remains then replace your ram or check your hard driver for bad sectors, sometimes when we run a cd which contains viruses but we don't know cd run on autoplay that's why virus comes to your hard drive.

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Computer turns off automatically when working


A computer which is turning off automatically without warning indicates over heat issue or hardware failure. Today's processor technology has a smart chip to control and secure processor from over heating  caused by fan malfunction. The basic solution is to clean the heat sink of the processor.  You can use brush or  air compressor/blower to clean the dust over the heat sink and the fan. Sometimes the dust stuck on the heat sink and fan blocks the air from the fan.

Please make sure that the heat sink is placed properly by having some trial to remove and put it on.

Any failing hardware component in your computer could cause your computer to unexpectedly turn off without warning. If you have recently attempted to add a new hardware device, remove that device to make sure it is not causing your issues.

If you have not recently installed any new hardware into the computer, the next best solution to determining if this is a hardware issue would be remove any hardware on the computer that is not needed. For example, remove your modem, network card, sound card, and any other expansion cards that are not needed for the computer to operate.

Run the computer without these cards to see if they are the cause of your issue.

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Computer turns off automatically when working



Regarding on this issue there is another Techyv post which one also will be helpful for you to fix this annoying problem.

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