PC does not do anything at all!

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Last night after playing games on my PC, I began installing motherboard updates. Since the process takes time, I slept so that I could find them installed in the morning. On waking up, my PC just shows a black screen and the Keyboard and mouse are not even working. I can see that it is powered based on the lights on the cooling system but it does nothing else. Even cold booting does not help. PC specs are : Gskill 8GB RAM, AMD FX 8350 processor, GTX 960 GPU and MSI 970 ATX Mobo. Help me 

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PC does not do anything at all!


If you have updated your motherboard’s drivers, I doubt it if you have installed the correct drivers. Normally, when installing drivers for motherboards, the program or application that needs to be started or installed doesn’t come as a single file only. It normally comes in 1 or more programs: for the motherboard chipset, for built-in graphics adapter, built-in soundcard, built-in network adapter, patch, and others.

If you’ve installed at least 1 that is not compatible with the device or the installation failed, it will cause problems to your computer. Sometimes, even if a device has been successfully updated, the driver causes the blue screen of death to appear. And if this happens, you need to uninstall the driver you have installed.

Uninstalling the driver you used to update the previous version is easy. Right-click My Computer then select Properties. Select Hardware tab then click Device Manager. For example, you want to roll back the driver for your soundcard, expand “Sound, video and game controllers”, right-click your soundcard then select Properties. Select Driver tab then click Roll Back Driver then click OK. See image.

After the roll back, restart your computer. In case you cannot boot your computer and just remains black, try booting in “Last known good configuration”. Restart your computer then press F8 before the Windows logo appears. On the advanced startup menu, select “Last known good configuration” then hit Enter twice.

See if your computer boots successfully. If this doesn’t work, boot in Safe mode and then roll back all the drivers you have updated then restart the computer.

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