Motherboard water spilling problem while repairing

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I was just repairing my laptop, and all the parts, were outside suddenly bit of water fell on the motherboard accidently, now i am curious to know, that whether i should re connect the parts to work on it, or should wait to avoid further problem? Please respond as soon as possible.

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Motherboard water spilling problem while repairing


Hi Penney N McMillon,

I am sorry to hear of that unfortunate incident. Electronic parts should always be away from all liquids.

Since the motherboard got wet, here are some steps you could take to remove ALL liquid from the surface of the board:

Method One

1. You could use a standard hair dryer (pictured below) to aid in removing the water from the motherboard.

2. Plug in the hair dryer and set it to 'Hot' and turn it on.

3. Now hold the nozzle of the dryer close to the motherboard and move it in a circular motion over the wet area. Once no water is visible on the board, remove the dryer from it and allow the motherboard to cool.

Once the motherboard is cooled and dried, you can go ahead and install it on the machine.


Method Two

1. If you do not have a hair dryer handy, then you can use a dry, clean cotton cloth to wipe the water from the surface of the motherboard.

2. Once you have dried all the visible liquid from the motherboard, leave the motherboard to stand for about 2 hours and 'air dry'

3. Observe the motherboard and ensure all liquid has evaporated. Once you are satisfied that the moisture is gone, then feel free to go ahead and install the motherboard.

One of these methods should resolve your issue in an acceptable manner.

Thank you

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