Need Help in Visual Basic Express

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What is the necessary code for moving items from a list box to an individual textbox?

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Need Help in Visual Basic Express


Hello Dear,


Here is the necessary code for you, hope this may prove helpful to you:

[case 1]
Msg "Hi"
msg "hi"

Now you have to  place these items on another dialog.
Though it seems like:

Msg "hi"
… —->Place a new one and open that.
Msg "hi 2"

Now try this

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim newe as Integer
newe = Newevent.EventList(Eventnum).ListCount
Newevent.EventList(Eventnum).AddItem "<Msg>: " & Text1.Text, newe
'This bit is OK, places the message.

If Newevent.EventList(Index).Text = "…" Then
Newevent.EventList(Index).List(Newevent.EventList(Index).ListIndex) = "…"
Newevent.EventList(Index).List(Newevent.EventList(Index).ListIndex) = "<Msg>: " & Text1.Text
'Only one thing to happen for a Case
'Need it so you can have more than 1 Message under
'case 1, case 2,etc… (Move every ListItem down 1?) -Chris

Dim Position
For n = Newevent.EventList(Index).ListCount To Position + 1 Step -1
Newevent.EventList(Index).List(n) = Newevent.EventList(Index).List(n – 1)
Newevent.EventList(Index).List(Position) = "…"
End If
Exit Sub
Unload events
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub Command2_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub


Thanks for having your time

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