How to install win7 with notebook’s recovery disk?

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I tried to reinstall win 7 with notebook's recovery disk, everything was OK. When display "Welcome" on the desktop, just before the icons desktop, display  "Logging off" and the notebook restarts and starts to cycles.

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How to install win7 with notebook’s recovery disk?



  1.If you reinstall windows 7 using recovery disks first your will go to boot menu by pressing f2 or delete button on the first start. then go to boot order, make your cd rom as your first boot. then press f10 and press the "save and exit button".

2.Choose language and choose the time and currency format. Then click next button in the right lower part of the screen.

3.Then click Install. After that, click the check box by pressing the box for the Terms and Agreement. Then click the next button.

4.There are recovery disk that they automatically partition your hard disk. Some are manually partition.

5.If manually partition press the Custom Advance then choose the Partition 2 then click the drive option button.

6.Theres a number appear on the lower right part of the screen divide it by two for drive c and drive d.

7.Select partition 2 then format.Select Partition 3 then click new after that format Partition 3.

8.After that select partition 2 then click next button for installation of the Windows 7.Please wait  for the installation.

9.It will just automatically restart on its own.

10.Create your own  computer name then click the nex button.creating your own password is optional.

11.Next page appears, click the use recommended.

12. It will just restart on its own

13.After the installation there's a box, type pc name then click next button

14.Type password if you want to make a password then click next button.Click the recommended settings,choose time zone.then click next button.

15.Choose any computer network, and its done.

Enjoy and have fun.


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