How do I preserve my laptop battery for longer?

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I just bought a new laptop because the battery on my old one was useless. I would like to do everything right this time, and treat it properly.

Some people told me that the battery lasts longer when kept between 80% and 40%. Is this true? Are there other things I should be doing to take proper care of it?

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How do I preserve my laptop battery for longer?


Hello Amber

There are two strategies you need to follow to extend the life of your battery.

Strategy 1: Extending the life of your battery before you replace it with another

(a) Do not, never, drain your battery fully. If you see the left over charge is less then immediately connect it to the charger. Draining fully weakens and reduces the life span of a battery.

(b) Never allow the battery to heat up. Remember to periodically clear the vents of your laptop, do not work on pillows etc.

(c) If you know you are going to work for long then, remove the battery and work with just the AC power cord connected. Remember that you might lose your work in case of a power failure. But this is a trade off. Decide on how often you have power failures.

Strategy 2: Extending the duration of your battery before you recharge it.

(a) Lower the brightness of your screen.

(b) Run one program at a time, instead of multitasking.

(c) Shut down all the unused hardware on your machine, e.g. Wireless, Bluetooth, ports etc.

(d) Lastly, shut down or hibernate your machine rather than allowing it to change to Sleep mode.

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