Unable to delete this folder permission denied

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Hi guys

Please if you have any advice with regards to my problem, please post it here!

I always make the necessary options like restoring the factory settings to be able to remove the empty folders that which cannot be deleted.

Empty Folder Tracker

Unable to delete this folder!

Permission denied

After such documents and files has been saved and noticed that the content is empty . I have to restore the settings to remove the folders. And i don't know what other ways or options to be able to remove the empty folder apart from restoring.

Please if you have any way/s on how to remove such empty folders please post it here.

Thank You

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Unable to delete this folder permission denied


Hi Stuartt

I understand your problem but you have not mentioned which version of window you are using. Although I  am telling solution for Windows Vista because mostly this problem occur in Vista. So your solution is:

 You need to change the user "trusted installer" to "administrators".
  It is your only solution for a NTFS partition "Ultimate virus
  protection partition". Go to this site for instructions on how to change
  ownership for those old folders.

Playing with permissions give no joy. The Cmd.exe solution is what
worked for me. I did the following:
1. Start | type Cmd.exe | right-click on cmd.exe and selected Run as
2. Navigate to directory using cd command.
3. use rename command to rename folder  (syntax is 'rename
   <directoryname> <newdirectoryname>')
4. type exit to close cmd.exe
5. navigate to now-renamed folder and delete it

Thanks for the question it was my pleasure to answer this.

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Unable to delete this folder permission denied


Hello Stuart,

Here is an easy solution for your problem. But you should remember that if it is a system folder, you cannot do this. Windows command prompt is a strong program that can do almost anything.

I am sure that you know all about this. Besides it is very dangerous. But if not, please do the following:

1. On start menu, press run and type cmd and press enter. Command Prompt will be opened.

2. Please type attrib -r -a -s -h del [drive] path] [foldername] there, for example: attrib -r -a -s -h del dx and press entre.

Hope this will work.


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