Domain trademark register existed already

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I have some disturbing issues which I would like your help and advice.

Some days back I registered a domain name of which later on I came to discover that it already existed as Trademark in USA they have a domain which is a .com and mine is .net.

Please give me your advice on what to do for I am so confused.

I don’t know if I should continue or stop developing my web site. 

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Domain trademark register existed already


Hi Peter,

Is the .com domain already registered with the US company and has an existing website?

Bear in mind that it is easy to register a new domain name but you need to know the pros and cons.

If the .net domain is available then you can register it but you need to be aware that it can be a subject for a lawsuit. There is a federal law (Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act) that gives the trademark owners the right to dispute to acquire the domain name if needed and is subject to ICANN's  dispute policy. This can be a very lengthy and expensive process.

So, register a domain name that is unique to avoid any issues in the future.

Hope that helps.

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Domain trademark register existed already


It is on to you what domain do you use for your web. There are many domains which start with .com and with .net but if the name is same in both cases but you are using .net as extension then it is ok. You can use it every where just when you need to introduce your website  address always use that address that you have for website. As each website is based on IPs and contains his IP address to access to server. So for both of web sites which are of .net and .com contains different IP addresses and does not match their addresses. So you can use your website. If you need to design a new web site on the existing domain it may be not possible in this case but .net and .com are two different tings and they can be used equally. Just you need to clear that what is your website domain name and put it all the way to use it where ever you want to use it and the net traffic will automatically redirect it to your website.


Michel joran.

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