Skype “The parameter is incorrect”

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While I was chatting with my friends online using Skype, error message appeared to my screen. It displayed ,"The parameter is incorrect". I wonder why I encounter such error, that I don't remember working with some parameters involving to Skype, such a strange error it appears and no suggestions on how resolve the error or what might be the cause.

The parameter is incorrect.

I decided to solve this issue on my own. At first I closed all applications that runs together with Skype, as I thought it might create some conflict in parameters, but same error encountered, I also try to scan my computer for viruses that might change some parameters, but same error again.

With my hands up, asking for some help.


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Skype “The parameter is incorrect”


Hey there, Philipp here.

The error you are facing is a typical bug in Skype that can be caused by either a corrupted file or a lower version of Skype. What I suggest you do is uninstall Skype, completely, delete all related files to Skype, go to registry and delete everything in there that is related to Skype.

Make sure that there is nothing left related to Skype on your computer and then download the latest version of Skype and simply install it, but making sure to not include the extras because they sometimes can also cause such errors.

And you should have a clean installation of the latest version of Skype and hopefully fixes your problem.

Hope that helps.

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Skype “The parameter is incorrect”


Dear Chriscamp,

  • I have gone through your problem that you have submitted in this site. Before I proceed for this solution, please let me inform you that this solution contains some registry edit. This registry editor is very dangerous. So be careful when using it.
  • Open the Run command placed in start menu of your computer.
  • Type regedit and hit the enter button.
  • Windows registry editor will be opened.
  • Under this menu, go to System and then CurrentControlSet.
  • Go to Services > W3svc.
  • Go to Parameters and then see in the right screen on your windows.
  • Delete the file Filter DLLs.
  • Exit registry editor and reboot your computer. 

Hope this will work.  

Thank you.

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Skype “The parameter is incorrect”


It seems that most of the programs installed on your computer are already affected by this problem.

If the problem is only with your Skype application then your antivirus won’t be affected and you won’t receive that error.

Try doing a test since both Skype and your antivirus are already affected. Select a not so important application from your computer then see if you can still open it. If you also receive that same error after opening it, try uninstalling it next to see if the system still allows it. I have a doubt that you will also not be able to uninstall it from your computer.

If this happens then I’m sure that your entire computer is completely infected by a virus.

Since you can no longer do anything on your machine because it always displays the same message, the only thing you can do right now is to format your hard drive and install Windows again.

As a reminder since I think you are a frequent Skype user, avoid accepting any file or files from someone you barely know.

This is sometimes the cause of this problem.

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Skype “The parameter is incorrect”


Thanks friends, I am a normal computer user, not an advanced user.

So I didn’t know I could do this task.

You helped me to do this task easily.

Sharath, you were right about the programs that caused this problem.

Therefore, after analyzing your comment I learned the cause of this problem and your easy instruction helped me.

At last, according to your advice after installing Windows again, I solved the problem.

Sharath, your explanation was great and so easy that was, in a word, amazing.

Thanks a lot to you for your kind help as well as to for having such nice technologists.

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