Hosting A Website At Home: Way To Do It.

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I have my own business, but it is at a small level. So rather than buying a service of web hosting, I would like to create my own. What are the steps for hosting a website at home?

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Hosting A Website At Home: Way To Do It.


Step 1: Download Apache HTTP Server which has a public license.

Step 2: To install the file, double click on it.

Step 3: In the next dialogue box, from options select custom install and change the directory of Apache to the folder you want.

Step 4: Find the "conf" folder in that directory and open "https.conf" file. Create a root directory on the Web Server.

Step 5: Change the Apache default serving document root to your web root inside the "httpd.conf".

Step 6: Also change the Apache directory to the own web directory. 

Step 7: Create a test page using HTML code. 

Step 8: Open the port 80. /kjy54

Step 9: After opening the browser on the Web Server, type http://localhost/ Your winner page in the address bar.

Step 10: Type http://IP of home/

Method 2-

Step 1: Requirements is high-speed connection.

Step 2: For your home, the internet connection gets a hostname and also a static local UP address.

Step 3: Correctly make connections on port 80 to your web server by configuring a router.

Step 4: Communicate on port 80 by configuring Windows Firewall through your web server.

Step 5: Test your web server from your computer after getting Apache.

Step 6: Replace the default home page with your web page.

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