Achieve maximum performance for games

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I am a huge gamer and I am currently looking to have all my next gen games on PC to work on the maximum settings. That is I want to achieve the highest FPS and atleast 4k resolution. Can anyone tell me what is required, in terms of add-on, to make my PC powerful enough to achieve this result?

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Achieve maximum performance for games



Gaming mainly depends on your hardware resource and the better hardware configuration, the more performance and speed.

First of all, check your motherboard and its capacity. Most motherboards today support 64GB RAM, some might support more or less. Upgrade your RAM to at least 16GB and install 64-bit Windows.

Next, it’s time to get the perfect graphics card. For gaming, ATI Radeon is the best for performance and GeForce GTX is the best for quality. If you’re getting Radeon, then try getting Radeon HD 7990 or GeForce GTX 760 GPU-enabled graphics card or better.

Driver is a must for running all your system perfectly, so don’t forget to download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website on regular basis.

Your CPU must be also superb speedy, around 3.3 GHz or better. If possible, retrieve your Intel Core i5 series processor with higher speed as Core i5 is the best for gaming.

If you’ve got such a combination, there’s no reason that in next 30 years, all the games about to be released will run in your system, giving you most enjoyment.

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