How do i make the network icon display correct status?

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I have Windows 7 and I can connect to the network and to the Internet and also able to browse websites and basically do everything i'd like to online, with no problems. However, when I look at the network icon at the bottom right, it has that yellow mark on it that should mean I have a problem with my network connection.

Is this a problem? How do I get to make it display the right notification?

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How do i make the network icon display correct status?



That means you are not connecting to the network connection. Make sure you have an Internet connection to access the net. Try to check the network settings;  go to the bottom right, click the icon open the network you just set up the connections from the active network and look for the connection to the network.  If it is connected to the Local area Connection you must enable the, access the connection the internet option and check if there is a problem with your network connection.

Just click the Troubleshoot problems option, to search a problem and to repair.

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How do i make the network icon display correct status?


Local Area Network is where it shows the status of the network. It'll give you idea if the computer is able to access the Internet or if it is connected to the network.

This Yellow triangle status icon appears if the computer is communicating to the modem but not to the Internet.   It'll get either 169.24…. status IP Address and this means, there is no Internet connection.

Check the TCP/IP settings and it should be on auto-obtain DNS automatically.

  • Go to Start, Control Panel
  • Network and Internet
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Change Adapter Settings
  • Right click on Local Area Network
  • Left click status and highlight on IPv4 Address
  • Click on Properties and it should be on Auto-obtain DNS

These steps will make sure that the network is getting DNS from the server automatically.

You have mentioned, you are online and able to browse websites, which is confusing and a bit strange. How do you connect, is it by Local Area Network or through Wireless connection.

It is possible that your computer uses Wi-Fi and is able to pick-up someone else's unsecured network. Your computer might be connected to their SSID and that gives you Internet access.  However, the reality is you are not connected to your OWN network.

You may try to disable the Wi-Fi capability of your computer and check your Internet connectivity. If you are online still and the status of the network shows an yellow  triangle, then this might be just the settings.

  • Right click on Local Area Network and left click properties.
  • Uncheck the box on Notify me whenever the connection gets limited connection
  • Uncheck this box

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