Help me know about DirectX12 and Windows 10

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Do you know about the DirectX 12? Could Windows 10 PCs come stashed with graphics cards that support DirectX 12? Will the battery life of laptops get better with DX12? Later in the year, could laptops ship with DDR4 memory? Will it improve internal data transfer between memory, processor and other components?

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Help me know about DirectX12 and Windows 10


Microsoft DirectX is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to handle multimedia especially game programming and video on Microsoft platform.

Microsoft’s DirectX update won’t require an additional graphics card. But to get the full support of DirectX 12, you need to buy a new card. Most modern PC gaming hardware work well with DirectX 12. There is a handful of rendering pipeline features that are new in DX12 that we will be outlined at GDC.

Microsoft is working with Intel to deliver great DX12 performance on their integrated graphics. Integrated graphics are typical of laptops for better battery life, so hopefully DX12 will further increase the efficiency of those devices without compromise.

DDR4 memory is the next generation memory coming soon for PCs and mobile devices.

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