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I've already asked a few people in personal messages about this, but I can't seem to get a definitive answer (if it's possible, and if it is how to do it). Basically, I am set up to read up to dual-boot. I got my disk of Ubuntu Linux and all that, all I need to do is set aside some Gigs, download the OS and dual-boot and all that. I also got two monitors, and I want to use two monitors.

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I want to install Linux on my P4 with four partitions on it (40 GB).

Do I need to partition it further for Linux or can I direct it to some of my pre-existing partitions?

Please recommend some version of Linux for a home PC. 

Another problem is that while using Yahoo messenger, my system gives this error message :”yparger.exe” has performed an illegal function or is corrupt”. 

Following this, my yahoo! Messenger quits and I have to restart it. 

Sometimes my audio suddenly stops too.

Can I take care of both problems without restarting my system?

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So disappointed. I just bought a desktop and I am trying to install Windows 7 Professional. I followed the instructions to download it and was successful in completing the installation. However, after the installation process was completed the computer restarted and just when I thought that am ready to use the computer, an error message appeared.

It stated that Windows installation cannot proceed and to install, click ok to restart the computer and then proceed to reinstall the application. Here is where the problem comes, each time I click ok it repeats the same error message – that I would need again to restart the computer and reinstall the application.

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Hi experts,

It's my first time using a WWJ, and I liked it.

I'm using (for developing it) Netbeans 6.8, WWJ SDK 0.6, javac 1.6.0_22, and OpenSude 11.3 (64bits). Once that is compiled and placed in the web, my applet works fine in Linux (Openuse and Ubuntu) and Windows XP and 7 using IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. 

But when I tried to view the applet in Mac OS, it doesn't work using Safari and Firefox. The applet doesn't even start and not even asking for trusting the jar, and also says nothing about the JNLPAppletLauncher.

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I am having trouble uninstalling Oracle 11g from my Windows 7 PC. If anyone can help me then it will be really appreciable.

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I need help with my desktop error message each time I open it. I was surfing the internet one day and while searching, my computer froze or hanged for quite some time.

There were several programs opened when this happened. I waited for it to again start and suddenly heard a long toot sound on the computer. I didn't know how to turn off the toot sound and what it caused it. It seemed like it was coming from the CPU but I do not know what caused it. When I could not find out how to turn off the toot sound because it was continuously making that sound, I decided to just restart or force to shut down the computer.

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Hi friends!

Any expert on Linux Ubuntu. I have windows XP on my notebook Compaq presario v2000 and I wanted to load Linux as dual boot. I already tried with Suse Linux, but there was some blank or black screen problem after installation. And someone suggested Ubuntu Linux so I downloaded and burned Ubuntu on a cd.

So during the installation during partitioning there was a serious problem. On Ubuntu webpage they say for partitioning I will get 4 option, but I got only three options in my cd. The missing option was the most important , which was required for dual boot, "Guided resize and use free space".

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My motherboard is Zebronics 845 and I am having an issue with my motherboard. The issue which I am facing is, when I use to start the system, keyboard stops working after few minutes or some time a key in my keyboard keeps pressed itself repeatedly. Even if I want to shutdown my system in this situation, the "power down" error message dialog appears and system gets hanged instead of shutting-down.

When I start the PC immediately, the PC hangs at start-up, whereas if I start it after some hours it starts fine but again the keyboard either stops working after few minutes or while pressing a key it is being pressed repeatedly and the exact problem occurred while shutting the system down or even restarting it.

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"Google it" helped me find lots of articles, but none of them could satisfy me. How to make a bootable flash drive of BIOS updater? Although I did make records together, enough information to figure it out before an actual flashing my 880GMA-UD2H motherboard. Please guys help elaborate more with Visual aid  on how to upgrade my  motherboard BIOS?

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Hi!  My name is  DIANNE

My problems are :

1. Once I reboot my laptop and the system is running slow as log into windows and my desktop

2. I used to wait more than 10 mins for the whole desktop to function.

3. Sometimes I can't even hover the mouse and lags and also my keyboard.

Please help me with my problem I don't want to reformat my laptop anymore just to solve this problem are there any  alternatives aside from reformatting ?I don't know what is the problem hardware or software?


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