Encountering Disk error message when I open my desktop

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I need help with my desktop error message each time I open it. I was surfing the internet one day and while searching, my computer froze or hanged for quite some time.

There were several programs opened when this happened. I waited for it to again start and suddenly heard a long toot sound on the computer. I didn't know how to turn off the toot sound and what it caused it. It seemed like it was coming from the CPU but I do not know what caused it. When I could not find out how to turn off the toot sound because it was continuously making that sound, I decided to just restart or force to shut down the computer.

After one minute to five minutes , I tried to turn it on my desktop again. But I was encountering another problem, a disk error message and insert disk message appeared on the screen. I tried to just press the enter key but it just keeps on receiving the same message – disk error, insert disk. I tried to turn it off again and turn it on several times but the same message "disk error" keeps on appearing on the screen and could not proceed to Windows XP. My processor is dual core processor with 256mb memory and 40gb HDD. It is on Windows XP.

I hope you can help me fix the disk error message that keeps on appearing on my desktop. I need to finish a report and is due within the next few days.

I only have one computer that is why I really need this fixed.

Could it be the memory? 

What caused that toot sound and later on the disk error message? 

What can I do to not encounter the same error message again? Can the error be caused by a virus?

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Encountering Disk error message when I open my desktop



I am giving you 10 solutions/tips to solve your problem.

Solution 1

Make sure that your drives are empty. Check first your floppy disk, CD-ROM and DVD drives. If all the drives are empty. Then restart your computer and try to run again.

Solution 2

About the sounds coming from the CPU, most reason for that is having a problem in your memory RAM. Follow these steps:

  • Remove your memory RAM on your CPU then clean it using eraser.
  • Rub the golden surface only and when your done with that.
  • Get a soft cloth to clean the particles of eraser.
  • Then insert it now to your computer.

Solution 3

For the disk error problem. Most problem is the hard disk drive. Maybe your hard drive is not properly plugged. All you have to do is to unplugged and plug the connectors of your Hard disk.

Solution 4

Yes, disk error can cause of the virus. So you need to have updated anti-virus and scan your computer. Make it a habit, scan your computer everyday and make sure to update you anti-virus regularly. But if it doesn't work, follow the methods below.

Solution 5

It's also about the non-system disk of defective drives. If your not using your floppy disk or CD-ROM anymore, just remove it. Then open your computer.

Solution 6

Do the System Restore. You are going to restore your computer the day before the problem was happened. Just follow the steps:

  • From the Start,
  • Select All Programs,
  • Accessories,
  • System Tools and click System Restore
  • Then on the radio button select "Restore my computer to an earlier time".
  • Click Next and in the calendar you are going to choose the day before the problem was happened.
  • Then click Next.

Your system will automatically restart.

Solution 7

Sometimes the IDE cables can be the problem. Check your IDE cables if it's working good. Maybe It doesn't plug correctly.

Solution 8

Unplug all the connectors in your motherboard, unplug all the drives and power supply. Then clean all of them, specially the fan. When your done cleaning them, you can now plug all the connectors. Make sure to plug them correctly. Wait for a minute before you turn it on.

Solution 9

There is also solution for your problem using Disk cleanup. Please follow this steps:

  • Go to Start,
  • All Programs,
  • Select Accessories,
  • Select System Tools,
  • Then select Disk Cleanup.

Wait after the scanning ends. After the scanning Disk Cleanup Box will open.

  • Select all the boxes
  • Click OK
  • Then select Yes.

When the Disk Cleanup utility done cleaning up and the disk cleanup disappear. Restart your computer.

Solution 10

You are going to reformat the computer. But before you reformat the computer, you have to back-up your important files. Why need to reformat? For your system will refresh everything. And those virus that anti-virus can't remove, will surely remove by reformatting your computer.

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Encountering Disk error message when I open my desktop



This is addressed on IDE ATA drives, not SATA drives. For those of you having this problem, here's your answer. Make sure that the black jumper on the back of your main hard drive is set to "MA" (MASTER) as abbreviated according to the schematics shown on top of your hard drive. (On the sticker at the bottom.) Any other drives that you have such as your CD-ROM, DVD-ROM must be placed as "SL" (SLAVE) as abbreviated on the back of them. (These abbreviated lettering is stamped in the metal or plastic part in the back, it can be hard to see, use a flashlight to get a good look at it.

Those of you have different brand computers, need to get into the BIOS. First, when you first turn on the computer, the post boot screen will come on, look for where it will tell you what key to press to get into the BIOS. All systems are different, some are done by pressing the F2 key, or the F11 key, others are the DEL key. 

For Compaq and HP, uses the F11 key, Dells and other systems use the F2 key. Barebone systems use the DEL key. Once you are in the BIOS, you need to find the section on the Boot Order. Make sure the HDD is placed as the first boot priority before any others in the listing, which means your main hard drive must be placed as a first boot device before any others that is listed. The boot order should be placed in the following order:

1. HDD (Hard Disk Drive)


3. FDD or NET or the like. (The 3rd boot order can also be disabled by selecting it.)

Once you have the boot priority set, hit the ESC key and save the configuration. It should now boot to your main hard drive with the Windows loading on.

Also, make sure there are no CDs or DVDs in your CD-ROM drive or the DVD-ROM drive before you start your computer!

Good luck.

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Encountering Disk error message when I open my desktop


The cause of the problem here is probably the connection of the hard drive that gotten loose. Your hard drive is connected to the computer or to the motherboard via the ribbon cable or the data cable. If you are using an IDE hard drive, the drive is connected via the standard ribbon cable.

IDE ribbon cable
IDE ribbon cable

If you are using a SATA hard drive, the drive is connected to the motherboard using the SATA cable.

SATA cable
SATA cable

To check the problem, turn off the CPU then open the CPU case. Now, locate your hard drive and disconnect all cables connected to the drive. Once all cables are disconnected, connect the ribbon cable or SATA cable back to the drive. For the power, connect a different power supply cable. When you are finished, press the power button to turn on the CPU.

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