Dual Booting of PC and dual screen

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I've already asked a few people in personal messages about this, but I can't seem to get a definitive answer (if it's possible, and if it is how to do it). Basically, I am set up to read up to dual-boot. I got my disk of Ubuntu Linux and all that, all I need to do is set aside some Gigs, download the OS and dual-boot and all that. I also got two monitors, and I want to use two monitors.

My question is, is it possible with the same computer to use my Windows 7 on one screen, and my Linux on my other screen, while I dual-boot and dual-screen? I can easily connect my other computer, hook my monitor up to it and all that and DL Linux onto that and just use two computers but it would save me heaps of time, if I can just dual-screen it. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks guys.

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Dual Booting of PC and dual screen


Hello Sandra,

I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of “Dual Boot”. By saying “dual boot” one means, having the capability of running 2 operating systems one at a time. You mentioned “dual-boot and dual-screen” on your post. Let’s discuss it further. Current dual or multi boot systems employ the use of Windows and Linux, Windows 7 and older versions, or Windows and Mac. 

On startup, the computer gives the user a choice of booting just a single operating system. It then proceeds to load the selected operating system, until the next boot where it asks the same thing and waits for the user to make his/her choice.

On Windows, the application called EasyBCD makes the task of giving the user a choice of what operating system to start on boot up. Linux uses either GRUB (Grand Unified Boot loader) or LILO (Linux Loader) to integrate other operating systems, by writing on to the disk’s master boot record (MBR). Mac OSX has Chameleon, to do the operating system selection using the same methods like the other two. 

So in no way can 2 operating systems run at the same time, using a single computer employing the boot selection methods described above. There are however, other ways to give you the 2 Operating Systems on 2 dual screen setup you want. One is by emulating.

Virtual emulators like VirtualBox and VMware give you the power to run multiple operating systems at the same time, provided you have enough resources like memory and processing power. All one has to do is run these applications, create a virtual disk, and install an operating system as if it were on another machine. The newly installed operating system could then be started. 

To achieve the dual screen setup, just extend the display from your main operating system to the second monitor setup, using your display settings, and dragging the 2nd operating system you just started to that extended desktop. Now your primary monitor is your master operating system running the virtual machine, and your secondary monitor holds your emulated virtual operating system.

A KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) device is another alternative for running dual or multiple setups using two or more operating systems. Several operating systems connect to a single keyboard, video, mouse setup. They are used on server setups, but only a single operating system can be used at a time with the use of a switch or a shortcut on the keyboard to monitor all of them. 

Now if you desire using two operating systems at the same time, then there is a technology called a “Thin Client” which has the capability of running 2 or more child computers running off a master machine running the same operating system, either windows or Linux.

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Dual Booting of PC and dual screen


If you want to test your program, you can use “VMWARE" as it contains all the operating functions and it can easily solve your task. VMWARE software is a software which creates different windows and thus works as real Windows. But in case you want to use two monitors, then you can just get the same result on monitors but you can switch these monitors as per your requirements. I will tell you how it is possible.

It is a very simple task, only when you are using a laptop and one LCD or monitor you have to just plug your monitor into your laptop graphics and then simply turn on your monitor. After this, press the key which is shown on laptop keyboard to connect to other graphics, then it will use both screens. Although, you are using two monitors, you have to use also a special VGA card for two outputs. After you arrange it, do the following things.

Go to CONTROL PANEL select go to DISPLAY now in SETTING tab click IDENTIFY as shown here:

Windows Display Settings Screen Resolution Color Quality
Now apply these settings and you will be done.
Hope you like this.

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