Installing Windows 7 Professional but an error occurred

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So disappointed. I just bought a desktop and I am trying to install Windows 7 Professional. I followed the instructions to download it and was successful in completing the installation. However, after the installation process was completed the computer restarted and just when I thought that am ready to use the computer, an error message appeared.

It stated that Windows installation cannot proceed and to install, click ok to restart the computer and then proceed to reinstall the application. Here is where the problem comes, each time I click ok it repeats the same error message – that I would need again to restart the computer and reinstall the application.

I tried to just turn off the computer for five minutes, the least, but each time I try to reinstall Windows 7, it keeps on receiving an error message that the Windows installation cannot proceed and to install, restart the computer.

Just the perfect way to ruin my excitement with my new desktop. What could have I done wrong in the installation of Windows 7? Is there anything else I need to purchase to successfully install the Windows 7 Professional? I tried searching the net with possible solutions but it just gives me the things I've done to install it.

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Installing Windows 7 Professional but an error occurred


Problems like installing an Operating System could be very frustrating, just seeing your computer lying there begging to be used but you just can’t because you can’t install your new Operating System. It’s just like having a car with no gas right? But don’t get down by something like that. A problem like that has very simple solutions.

Fix #1: Before doing anything else, make sure that your installer actually works. Most people have this kind of problem and fail to see one of the simplest reason as to why won’t they work. Try out your windows 7 on another PC in order to make sure your installer works.

Fix #2: If your installer works on another pc, the problem would be on your computer. Make sure that your computer can handle the operating system that you are installing.

Fix #3: Get the CD replaced at the shop you bought it with. If they doubt your honesty, bring your desktop with them so they can validate that your reasoning is actually true.

Fix #4: If you downloaded the windows 7 online, there are bound to be problems. I would suggest making sure that the downloaded content is actually safe and working by reading through the comments. Also, make sure that you burned the CD in a normal rate to prevent failure in data transfer. Buying the original CD would be the best idea though.

Fix #5: Check your disk drive. Some disk drives cause problems when the spinning stops inside. Make sure it works by letting it read other CD’s and copying the data from it to your computer.

Fix #6: Try using an external disk drive. You will have to change the settings on start up in order to make your desktop read it first. Go to your BIOS and change your boot up device priority #1 into your external disk drive.

Fix #7: Try installing a different operating system. Windows XP would be the best choice since it is very compatible with almost ALL of the desktops out there. Well, not Apple desktops of course.

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Installing Windows 7 Professional but an error occurred


It seems that the Windows you are trying to install is corrupted. Some people upload faulty downloads, and I  suggest that next time when you search for something, make sure that you are not downloading any corrupted software. Please buy the Win 7 DVD from a nearby computer store, or find a friend who has it and install theirs.

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